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Feeling Down

July 28th, 2011 | Posted by Cynth in For Cynth - (0 Comments)

ups and downs feeling down quotes  Feeling Down pictureAgain I have been feeling down lately. Problems, disappointment has plagued me. I wish it wasn’t so but well life has been a bit harsh this week. We have given up our computer shop and we have spent some amount fixing up the area. I wanted to rent it out to my boss but I’m not sure that this will be feasible. I want to be able to more than just work for him. I want to be able to devote my time to doing things that will eventually help out my desire to earn on my own and earn a lot more than what I am earning now.

My hubby, bless his heart promised to help out but well, what can I say, I really just can’t rely on him for this sort of stuff. It’s disappointing but what can I do, that’s him. I really just hope that one of these days I may fulfill my wish of just sitting in front of the television and not wishing that life was different. I wish that one day I might find myself with everything I wanted to achieve and just sit back and relax and find that everything is as it should be.

One day I hope to find myself lounging around my patio, looking out a spectacular view and not worrying that a day not worked is a day not paid…