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The Snow Queen

October 2nd, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Featured Stories | Things That Matters - (0 Comments)

I’m not sure now how or where my dream started. All I remember is that I, along with some people whom I vaguely remember now, was traveling in a car. I don’t know where we were headed to.

snow queen  The Snow Queen pictureIn my dream, I felt that I know the people with me – they were probably friends and/or relatives. Then I felt and saw that we were slowly becoming frozen like Popsicles. We almost looked like Popsicles but we were able to move our bodies so we moved on. I tried warming my hands by breathing on them but ice came out of my mouth instead. It was really cold. I knew at that moment, we were close to the snow queen. It was a fear that I didn’t talk about in my dream. But I felt it. I wasn’t even sure how I came about thinking or fearing the snow queen at that instant in my dream.

Then we got to the place. It was a huge house with a grand staircase. Like the one you see in the movies where the debutante or the princess walks slowly going down. There wasn’t any ice in the house but it was cold. Then we spotted a tent outside the house. I thought the snow queen was there so I started making daggers with my mouth. You know how liquid freezes over when it’s really cold. That’s the idea behind the daggers made of saliva perhaps (considering they came from my mouth). I taught the others how to do it.