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not really a bad day

July 3rd, 2008 | Posted by jeanjean in Things That Matters - (0 Comments)

It’s Thursday and as usual I can sense that we will be late again… I am now currently blogging through my celfone. LOL! Gosh… this is what a blog addicts do – writing just about anything even if it’s non sense at all. LOL! We’re supposed to be there at the office before 10 o’ clock am but because we were already caught up in a heavy traffic here in C5 then I think we will be there at the office at 11:15am.

We arrived here at the office at 11:17am. LOL! This is really a bad day for me. While dad was about to park the car, he didn’t notice that he’s too near the sidewalk so I yelled to warn him to be careful because the rim might hit the gutter. Damn! It was too late… He got so pissed off for what happened. So what I did was I visited this link and told him that I will save money so I can buy a replacement rims for our car that looks like the same model on that website. After that he smiled at me as if nothing bad has ever happened on this day. I guess this is not really a bad day after all.