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Do you feel like giving up?

October 15th, 2010 | Posted by admin in Things That Matters - (0 Comments)

never give up quotes never give up dont give up quotes dont give up  Do you feel like giving up? pictureI know, life can really be difficult at times, and there are certain moments when you feel like obstacles just keep blocking your way, and seem unconquerable. Going down history, since men started to exist, people have given up on numerous matters, often because of set backs and lack of progress. Even at this very moment, there are many among us who are giving up something or someone at one point or another, and for different reasons.

But, if there’s one thing you should keep in mind, there’s a huge difference between quitting and shifting ways. So instead of just giving up, try to find other ways and means. Trying a more favorable formula is not giving up. Moving onwards in a new and different direction is not giving up. And it’s a far better option than just completely giving up on something that you are passionate about.

Some resort to getting a divorce, when their married life goes through difficult times, but I admire those who try to compromise and give it another chance to work out. Endlessly finding alternatives and switching what was not working out to a sounder and more satisfying way for both parties.

Other people who felt like deserting their job, try to find more interesting things they like to do, and discovered a better direction and experienced favorable outcomes. There are likewise those who rather than forsaking their aspirations, discovered a better avenue to adhere to them and are swell on their direction. When it concerns quitting, or giving up, how many of us have the perseverance to keep on trying after so many “failures?”

We all possess talents and abilities. We all hold the capability to develop what we have, and even prosper into other fields of expertise. The point is, don’t quit; never give up. A lot of people have ceased pursuing their dreams. They consider their individual offsets as failures. They envision the present economic status as an unconquerable obstacle stopping them from reaching their aspirations. They’re fed up of trying and so they simply surrender. There’s one certain way of never realizing your dreams. It is one hundred percent guaranteed. Give up.

When you decide to give up, you are making a choice. Regardless what the existing conditions are or the former outcomes, quitting is nevertheless a choice. All of us, day-after-day, holds the choice to give up or to continue moving onward.

In those instances when you find yourself wanting to give up and you simply do not desire to try any longer, choose to keep moving forward, even if it means taking one step at a time. This world is in need of more optimistic people, which includes me and you. So be strong and continue to pursue your dream, because if you want to succeed, and live your life to the fullest, giving up is not an option.