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effective ways to make money online

November 26th, 2010 | Posted by admin in Internet - (0 Comments)

money make money online jobs job extra income affiliate marketing program affiliate marketing  effective ways to make money online pictureI have tried every possible way to be able to make money, both online and offline. From web designing, to buying and selling computer parts, and even networking beauty and health products. I also do some extra job online. Recently, I found out about affiliate marketing, and become so interested with it. I signed up to become an affiliate. I want to try my luck in this new venture. Who knows this might be the start of me being able to earn more, enough to pay off all my bills and have extra savings for the future. These days, if you only have one job, it’s not enough to provide for all the necessary monthly expenditures. That’s why, I continuously look for ways to have extra income, like providing help online, or doing extra jobs, etc. I am looking forward to uncovering the secrets of online marketing. If others became successful and are living their lives free from financial distress, why can’t I? I won’t stop until I become successful just like them.
I want to be able to provide not only for myself, but as well as for my parents. My dad has already retired and is now a senior citizen, while my mom is full-time housewife. They’ve all done their share to keep this family surviving. Now, it’s my turn to make life easier for them.

coffee addict

September 8th, 2008 | Posted by jeanjean in Things That Matters - (0 Comments)

money Health fruit juices drinking too much coffee cup of coffee coffee maker capresso  coffee addict picture

I used to love coffee that I can drink not lower than 5 cups a day. I know drinking too much coffee is bad for the health that’s why I already quit. But giving up something that I love was not so easy so imagine how hard it is….

Well anyway, when I was so addicted to it, I was saving some money just to buy coffee maker that looks like this Capresso that can be found on their website. Sometimes I wanted to drink even just half cup of coffee but I promised to myself that I won’t. Instead, I’m into drinking fruit juices now. By the way, for those who are interested to buy coffee maker then check out this Capresso site for more models to choose from.

Image by : Andici

supplementary card money emergency purposes credit cards business credit card bad credit credit cards atm  my credit card saved my day picture It’s been 2 months now since I’ve got my new Compaq Laptop computer. For 1 year I’ve been using my father’s laptop and he told me that he needs it already so I have decided to buy one for myself. The problem was that I don’t have enough cash. I already have a credit card which is just a supplementary card that’s why its credit limit is not enough. I only use my credit card for emergency purposes. So what I did was I talked to my father and convinced him to lend me some money. I never expected that he will give the money that I needed to buy my computer because we all know that laptop computer nowadays are too expensive. I told him that I will just pay him in weekly terms. Too bad because this week, the money that I have transferred 5 days ago from my Paypal account to my bank account didn’t arrived on time so what I did was to just use my credit card and withdraw cash on the atm. Whew! My credit card just saved my day.

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Home Sweet Home

July 20th, 2008 | Posted by jeanjean in Things That Matters - (0 Comments)

It is so relaxing when you go home and see the fruit of your labor. We often hear the word mortgage lenders. I have this property and I have to refinance it to have a lower and consolidate my debt. It offers special terms to all property investors like me. For me to get a new mortgage. I can now manage my money more effectively. Mortgage lenders maintains the high ethical standards in this industry. It was really a big help to me. If ever you encounter a problem that I had before be a mortgage lender. Your home will welcome you warmly.

In my previous entry, I’ve already mentioned that Last Saturday my friend called me up and invited me to join them and hang out in at Kristine’s house. On the next day, before I went home, I’ve decided to drop by at the mall to treat myself and buy new pair of shoes and shirt and golf balls for my dad. Oh no! I forgot my money in my other bag LOL but the good thing is that I always have my EON debit cards in my wallet. I’ve got this one from UNIONBANK just last year so I can withdraw my funds in Paypal. I also use this one for online payments like paying Meralco bills, DSL, phone bills and for buying Skype credits to call abroad. I can even use this one to transfer funds securely to other card holders of eon because their online servers is highly encrypted and secured. What’s more exciting is that you don’t have to go to ATM and withdraw your money. All you have to do is just use it just like any credit cards. You also don’t have to worry about overspending because this is a debit card. You may use it as long as you have money in your account. Now you can go shopping all day without having to worry about bulky wallets and all you have to bring is your debit card. That’s the power debit card! LOL! This debit card truly saved my day!

If you are interested to get one you may visit for more info and sign up or just search in the internet for online application of debit cards and start shopping without cash!

not really a bad day

July 3rd, 2008 | Posted by jeanjean in Things That Matters - (0 Comments)

It’s Thursday and as usual I can sense that we will be late again… I am now currently blogging through my celfone. LOL! Gosh… this is what a blog addicts do – writing just about anything even if it’s non sense at all. LOL! We’re supposed to be there at the office before 10 o’ clock am but because we were already caught up in a heavy traffic here in C5 then I think we will be there at the office at 11:15am.

We arrived here at the office at 11:17am. LOL! This is really a bad day for me. While dad was about to park the car, he didn’t notice that he’s too near the sidewalk so I yelled to warn him to be careful because the rim might hit the gutter. Damn! It was too late… He got so pissed off for what happened. So what I did was I visited this link and told him that I will save money so I can buy a replacement rims for our car that looks like the same model on that website. After that he smiled at me as if nothing bad has ever happened on this day. I guess this is not really a bad day after all.

In my last post from my other blogs, I have mentioned that I my mom already got her credit card at BDO. BDO credit card owners are allowed to get up to 4 supplementary cards of his/her choice. It’s a great timing that I really needed to buy a new cell phone but the problem is that the money that I saved is not enough to the value of the mobile phone that I wanted to buy. So what I did was to convince my mom to just apply a supplementary card for me. LOL! My mom loves me so much that she can’t reject my request so she called up and talk to the credit card customer agent and applied a supplementary card right away. The agent told my mom to just wait for 10 to 15 working days until it gets approved. Just last week I received an airmail that came from the credit card company and to my surprise…. the supplementary card that I am waiting for is now in my hands… :P Now I can buy the cellphone that I want using my credit card and just pay it in installment for 12 months.

Summer is near!

March 10th, 2008 | Posted by jeanjean in Personal - (0 Comments)

Summer is getting near! Just a few months from now and its summertime again! I’ve been spending so many hours surfing here on the internet and just recently I stumbled upon this movie trailer of Meet The Fockers. I remember that when I was a kid I always dreamed of having that motorhome like the one’s that they’ve used in that movie. How I wish I can buy one someday so I can bring in the whole family and can take them to any place that they want to go especially this coming summer. I wish we can take vacation like go for swimming or camping. I’ve got curious on how much this motorhome would be and I saw there’s class A motorhome that I really wanted to buy if only I have a money to spend. But for now I will just save more and maybe I can afford to buy that one someday. :)

This morning I’ve decided to buy a new domain for my Making More Money Online blog.

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world wide web whois search tsa locks telephone numbers security officers namecheap money master keys luggage domain name registration coupon code  Namecheap Coupon Code for March 2008 picture And speaking of protection, let me tell you something about TSA locks. TSA locks looks similar to padlocks but instead of using keys, you need the right combination of numbers to open it. When you need to travel outside the country, it is advisable to use TSA locks instead of ordinary padlocks. Why? We all know that every passenger’s baggage are being screened before it is placed on the airplane. In some cases, the airport officers need to physically inspect the luggage. According to it says that

TSA has worked with several companies to develop locks that can be opened by security officers using universal “master” keys so that the locks may not have to be cut.

So the next time that you need to travel, be sure to use TSA locks to avoid hassles.