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water replacement refrigerator water filter replace refrigerator water filter refrigerator filter refrigerator fridge filters filter  How Often Should You Replace a Refrigerator Water Filter? pictureMy neighbor Kim went to the surplus shop to buy a refrigerator because the previous one has stopped working. After fifteen years of usage, he wanted to buy a brand new refrigerator as a replacement for the old one, but he could only afford surplus.

After two weeks, the water started to taste weird, and they figured that they needed to replace the refrigerator filter, so Kim went to the authorized dealer of the filters for that particular brand. They didn’t know initially about this because the older model of fridge they were previously using did not have the same filtration system functionality as the new one. But, I must say that they actually saved up a lot, because the appliance is working perfectly.

If you have the same problem and have not figured it out, replacement of refrigerator water filters are advised to be occasionally according to the manufacturers. Some every 6 months and others up to a year depending on the usage. The great thing about new model refrigerators is that they have light indicators to tell you if the filter needs to be changed.