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Fix computer device driver problems with driver detective?? – Out of curiosity, I’ve decided to have my Compaq Presario V3000 laptop formatted and switch to Windows XP just to test if it would work much better than using it with its preinstalled Windows Vista Home Premium OS. When I bought this laptop last year, this package came without CD/DVD drivers or Windows Vista Home premium installer though the 160GB hardisk was partitoned with an image of the OS with the device drivers installed at drive D.

Before I started, I’ve created a recovery disk first of the OS and drivers using Compaq’s recover manager software so there would be no problem just in case I messed up and I would still be able to get it back to its factory setting.

I wasn’t sure what I was doing but I’m taking it as a challenge coz I used to solve any problems on my own and I would only consider the help of anyone if there’s no choice. For me it was exciting coz I know I would learn from it if I could make it work properly. I didn’t get worried that much just in case I messed this thing up because I could still use my father’s laptop (crossfingers). (more…)