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Christmas shopping for Mom & Dad

December 11th, 2010 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Black Friday was a real blast, and people went shopping for all the items on their Christmas lists. My parents are one of them, they really wanted to buy stuff because they said that prices will go up again after the holiday sale. I’m glad I listened to them because we got a special offer for our purchases.
Guess what, there’s another sale coming and they said that it will be bigger and cheaper. It’s a perfect timing again, because we’re planning to buy a new set of surround speakers, and an entire sound system package. My parents seem to be really excited about it. I guess I have to brace myself for another wave of big time expenses, but as long as I see them happy and contented with their buys, I feel happy too.
It’s my time to give back. How I wish I could give them everything that they want. Even just in simple ways like that, I can show them how much their happiness mean to me, and how much I appreciate them giving and providing me with everything I needed before.

Black Friday Offer

September 12th, 2008 | Posted by jeanjean in Things That Matters - (0 Comments)
Kodak EasyShare V1233 Digital Camera cellphone black friday  Black Friday Offer picture

Kodak EasyShare V1233 Digital Camera

At last I’ve completed my last payment for my celfone. It’s been a few weeks that I was thinking if I have to sell it because it’s useless for me since I’ve got no text messages and no calls from anyone. I think it was a good idea and just today I finally made up my mind to just let it go and sell it at buy and sell. But it’s also a camera fone and the moment that it was sold, I’ve got nothing to use anymore. Hmmm… maybe I will just save some money for a digital camera. By the way, just in case you are interested in buying digital camera, I’ve found a great site. Visit now and avail of their Black Friday Ads. I bet the prices are much cheaper than any other day so if I were you, take time to visit their website now.