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wissam al mana janet jackson new haircut janet jackson  Janet Jacksons new short haircut pictureJanet Jackson’s new short-haircut pictures are all over the internet now. More people said that Janet didn’t get a new haircut, she just removed her hair extension and reveal his true hair. Whatever the truth is, I always like short hair coz it feels light and looks clean so thumbs up for Janet’s new look!

Anyway, she was spotted last night in London’s Cecconi restaurant with wealthy Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana. Janet is now promoting her movie “Why Did I Get Married Too?” which didn’t do well at the box office and got really bad critic reviews. I might watch this movie if she will give me a 22 inch LCD TV. *winks

To all Janet Jackson’s fans out there, watch out her upcoming 2011 project called “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf.”

weight lifting injury usc running back stafon johnson weight lifting stafon johnson usc stafon johnson injury stafon johnson hurt stafon johnson hospital stafon johnson  USC Trojan's Stafon severely injured in weight lifting room pictureUSC Trojans’ Stafon Johnson may not be able to play again this season after he accidentally dropped a weight bar in his neck.

“It hit him with a lot of force, and it hurt him,” coach Pete Carroll said after the Trojans’ brief practice Monday night but before the surgery was finished. “No broken bones as far as I understand, but he’s got some damage in there somewhere, and they’re working it out, trying to figure out what it is. … It is serious. He did get hurt, so we don’t know exactly what it is, and they’re not going to know until they go through the surgery.”

An assistant strength and conditioning coach was standing over Johnson at the time of the accident.

“I’ve seen players have the bar slip and fall onto their chest, but never in my 25 years of coaching have I heard of someone dropping a bar on their throat,” said head strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle, who was standing 10 feet away at the time of the accident. “We’re fortunate he was being spotted.”

He was coughing up blood right away after the said accident. Reports said that he was bench pressing at that time when a weight bar accidentally slipped in his hand and fell onto his throat that resulted to severe injuries in his larynx. After having a seven hours surgery at California Hospital Medical Center, it has been reported that Stafon Johnson was already in stable condition but still couldn’t speak.

lamar odom wedding pictures lamar odom wedding lamar odom pictures lamar odom children lamar odom lamar odem lama odom wedding khloe kardashian wedding pictures khloe kardashian wedding photos khloe kardashian wedding dress khloe kardashian wedding khloe kardashian married khloe kardashian  Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s wedding pictureAfter 6 weeks of dating, the American professional basketball forward Lamar Joseph Odom or Lamar Odom who is currently playing for the Los Angeles Lakers announced their engagement and is now married to Khloé Kardashian. The Lamar Odom-Khloe Kardashian wedding took place at Bel Air estate of music mogul Irving Azoff in Beverly Hills on Sunday, September 27, 2009. A lot of people want to see the NBA star Lamar Odom and reality TV celebrity Khloe Kardashian’s wedding pictures and videos on the internet.


It has been reported that there were 250 guests who attended Lamar Odom’s wedding and among those who attended are Kardashians’ producer Ryan Seacrest, Phil Jackson, Lamar’s best man Kobe Bryant and wife Vanessa Laine, maid of honor Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne, Jillian Barberie Reynolds, Adrienne Bailon, Alan Thicke, Lara Spencer, Joe Francis, Lala Vazquez and Brittny Gastineau.

I am trying to search for Khloe Kardashian’s beautiful Vera Wang wedding dress but it’s not accessible at this time.

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who is nick jonas dating who is kevin jonas getting married to who is kevin jonas dating who is joe jonas dating who is danielle deleasa kevin jonas pictures kevin jonas girlfriend kevin jonas engaged with danielle Delesea kevin jonas engaged to danielle deleasa kevin jonas engaged kevin jonas and danielle delesea pictures kevin jonas jonas brothers danielle delesea pictures danielle deleasa  Kevin Jonas of Jonas Brothers got engaged to Danielle Delesea picture“Who is Kevin Jonas getting married to?” “And who is this Danielle Delesea?” That’s what I’ve said when I heard the news about Kevin Jonas. For sure, a lot of Jonas Brothers’ girl fans out there also got so shocked when they found out that 21 year old Kevin Jonas already got engaged to the former hairdresser and a 22 year old Danielle Delesea. They met in May of 2007 while the two where having there vacation with their families in Bahamas. It is still not confirmed when the wedding date will be. Kevin Jonas said “It still feels like a dream.”

Kevin Jonas eagerly pursued Danielle when he met her who was walking on the beach at that time. How did the proposal happen? Kevin Jonas said to People that he proposed to Danielle after arriving in New Jersey on an overnight flight from a concert in Vancouver, Canada. He just showed up in Danielle Delesea’s doorstep, presented a cushion-cut diamond ring which he personally designed with Jacob & Co. and proposed a marriage. Who wouldn’t say yes to Kevin Jonas?? Of course, Danielle said yes. :)

Congratulations to Danielle Delesea and Kevin Jonas. :)

Everyone is talking about Guys Choice award for 2009 as Spike TV finally aired it on tv last Sunday. Big starswere also seen in the said awards night like Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, Brad Pitt and Sarah Cohen. They guys were all got envy on Jamie Foxx as he was kissed by Halle Berry when she received the Decade of Hotness Award.

spike guys choice awards men s choice awards halle berry kisses jamie foxx halle berry kiss at oscars halle berry kiss halle berry and jamie foxx kiss halle berry guys choice awards 2009 guys choice awards guy s choice awards guy awards  Jamie Foxx kissing Halle Berry full video on Guys Choice Award 2009 picture

If you failed to watch the Guy Choice Award on TV then here’s the full video clip of Halle Berry kissing Jamie Foxx video. Have fun!

Here’s Jamie Foxx and Halle Berry kissing youtube video clip at the Spike TV Guys Choice awards for 2009

youtube spike tv awards halle berry spike tv guys choice awards 2009 spike tv Jamie Foxx pictures Jamie foxx kissing youtube video Jamie foxx kissing video Jamie foxx halle berry video halle berry pictures halle berry pics Halle Berry kissing video halle berry and jamie foxx video halle berry and jamie foxx halle berry and jamie fox halle berry Decade of Hotness  Jamie Foxx and Halle Berry kissing video   Spike TV Guys Choice awards 2009 picture

Halle Berry won the Decade of Hotness award and was kissed by Jamie Foxx on Saturday night at the Spike TV Guys Choice awards 2009

Spike TV Guys Choice awards announced the winners last Saturday which was held at Sony Studios in Los Angeles.

Read on for the complete lists of winners of Spike TV Guys Choice awards for 2009
spike tv pictures spike tv guys choice awards 2009 spike tv awards 2009 spike tv awards spike tv Sacha Baron Cohen pictures Mickey Rourke pictures Malin Akerman pictures Jamie Foxx pictures jamie foxx halle berry video halle berry pictures halle berry and jamie foxx video ed norton spike tv pic ed norton pictures Clint Eastwood pictures brad pitt spike tv pic Brad Pitt pictures ben stiller pictures  Winners of Spike TV Guys Choice awards for 2009 and Pictures picture
Halle Berry (more…)

Kelly Clarkson is pregnant…. so what? – Rumors started to fly when former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson performed on stage on March 2009 and sang her rendition of “My Life Would Suck Without You” at the American Idol show. She was wearing a form-fitting black mini-dress, knee-high black boots and a shimmery sequined shrug that made her look like a little bit curvier than usual. I really don’t know if Kelly Clarkson has a boyfriend right now but in case she has a boyfriend and they f**ked up then it’s really possible right? I will only start wondering if she’s single right now and no one impregnated her and then she’s pregnant?? Hmmm… ??

kelly clarkson weight gain kelly clarkson weight kelly clarkson snl kelly clarkson pregnant kelly clarkson pictures kelly clarkson fat kelly clarkson american idol kelly clarkson american idol kelly clarkson  Kelly Clarkson is pregnant....? so what? picture

Here’s the picture of Kelly Clarkson while performing on stage last March 2009. Be the judge… if she gained weight or looks fat, does it mean she’s pregnant? Just asking… ;)

What is chemtrail? I tried to search on Google what chem trail is after I’ve watched this youtube video of Prince as he talks about state of the black union and chem trails. He said he was moved after Dick Gregory have said something about chem trails and the next thing he know, he said that everybody in his neighborhood was already fighting and arguing and he didn’t even know why.He was so moved that made him write a song about it.

westlake village earthquake presidents before george washington jon and kate scandal eight presidents before george washington chemtrails chem trails 8 presidents before washington 8 presidents before george washington  Prince as he talks about Chem trails picture

“We’re all indentured servants. When I found out there were 8 presidents before George Washington, I wanted to smack somebody. I wanted to know why I was taught otherwise. Just tell me the whole story – I’ll fill in the blanks. But don’t tell me something that you think I’m supposed to know.” – Prince

“We’re indentured servants and we’ve got a Black president now?” – Tavis
“Well, I don’t vote. I don’t have nothing to do with it. I got no dog in that race.” – Prince

Watch Star Trek 2009 Movie Online – Star Trek (2009) is the 11th film based on the Star Trek franchise and features the main characters of the original Star Trek series. Star Trek will be released in theaters on May 8, 2009. It is a chronicle of the early days of James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto) and his fellow USS Enterprise crew members to fight Nero (Eric Bana).

Also starring John Cho as Hikaru Sulu, Ben Cross as Sarek, Bruce Greenwood as Capt. Christopher Pike, Simon Pegg as Scotty, Winona Ryder as Amanda Grayson, Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura, Karl Urban as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, Anton Yelchin as Pavel Chekpov and Leonard Nimoy as Old Spock

zachary quinto sylar zachary quinto spock zachary john quinto trailer star trek star trek youtube star trek movies star trek movie pictures Star Trek Movie 2009 Poster star trek movie star trek full movie Star Trek 2009 star trek 2008 spock zachary quinto new star trek nero eric bana heroes zachary quinto eric bana star trek eric bana nero eric bana movie chris pine movies chris pine kirk actor chris pine  Watch Star Trek 2009 Movie Online picture

Watch Star Trek 2009 Movie Trailer Online

Star Trek Movie 2009 Poster, Star Trek 2009 Movie Wiki, Star Trek 2009 Movie Pictures, Star Trek 2009 Movie Casts, Star Trek 2009 Movie story – visit Star Trek Wiki or Star Trek Imdb

Are you looking for Star Trek 2009 action figures, Star Trek 2009 memorabilia, Star Trek 2009 wallpapers, Star Trek 2009 screensavers? Use our Google search.

Rat Pack SongsAmerican Idol Theme for April 28, 2009 – The Top 5 American Idol finalists Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen, Danny Gokey and Matt Giraud will be performing Rat Pack songs of the famous legendary artists Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin on April 28, 2009 (8:00-9:01 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed)

Watch the Episode 1 of Only You – Jillian receives a study grant in Korea – After joining a cooking competition, Jillian gets a step closer in fulfilling her dream to become a great chef.

Angel Locsin (Jillian), Sam Milby (TJ) and Diether Ocampo (Jonathan) will surely satisfy your evening cravings and join them as they find the perfect recipe for love. Watch Only You on primetime bida starting on April 27, 2009 only at ABS-CBN Channel 2.

sam milby pictures Sam Milby only you youtube video only you video only you episode 1 Only You Jillian episode 1 only you diether ocampo pictures Diether Ocampo angel locsin videos angel locsin pics Angel Locsin  Episode 1 of Only You Free Online Video Streaming picture

Read more infos of Only You at ABS-CBN

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Save ChuckBuy A Footlong Campaign – Are you Zachary Levi fan and would like to save the NBC show Chuck? If you want Chuck to have its third season then go to Subway today and support the Save Chuck – Buy a footlong campaign

Watch Zachary Levi from Chuck goes to Subway in Birmingham for the Buy a footlong – Save Chuck campaign youtube video

Zachary Levi subway chuck sharon lawrence save chuck subway save chuck ryan mcpartlin chuck vs. the ring chuck third season chuck subway chuck season finale chuck season 2 finale chuck season 2 episode 22 chuck renewed chuck renewal chuck forum chuck finale chuck bartowski nbc Chuck Bartowski chuck 3rd season chuck Buy A Footlong Campaign  Save Chuck   Buy A Footlong Campaign Video picture

If you are a Chuck Bartowski fan then support the buy a footlong campaign and help Chuck TV series to get another season.

Suzy Entrata sharon cuneta maid of honor Sharon Cuneta Senator Francis Pangilinan Ryan Agoncillo wedding videos Ryan Agoncillo wedding pictures Ryan Agoncillo wedding Ryan Agoncillo Regine Velasquez Paolo Abrera Ogie Alcasid judyann santos Judy Ann Santos wedding videos Judy Ann Santos wedding pictures Judy Ann Santos wedding judy ann santos and ryan agoncillo nuptial Judy Ann Santos juday wedding  Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo Wedding Pictures pictureJudy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo Wedding – Finally, Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos are now married this morning at 7am. The Santos-Agoncillo nuptial was attended by close family and friends like Senator Francis Pangilinan, Megastar Sharon Cuneta, Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez, Suzy Entrata and Paolo Abrera. According to ABS-CBN website, the wedding was held at San Juan Nepomuceno Parish Church in San Juan, Batangas and strictly no media was allowed.

More stories about Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo wedding later at TV Patrol World and SNN.

Best wishes to Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos!

Image by : Patrick Uy

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Jay Leno spoofed Susan Boyle’s Got Talent performance! Wow! Look at the eyebrows! How I wish I could watch that episode when Jay Leno impersonated Susan Boyle’s performance of I Dreamed a Dream on his own show. I’ve tried to search if there was an uploaded video clip of that episode on youtube but I didn’t find any as of the moment.

Anyway, here’s the picture of Jay Leno’s impersonation that I got on site.

susan boyle youtube susan boyle jay leno susan boyle jay leno susan boyle youtube jay leno as susan boyle Britains Got Talent  Jay Leno spoofed Susan Boyle's Got Talent performance picture susan boyle youtube susan boyle jay leno susan boyle jay leno susan boyle youtube jay leno as susan boyle Britains Got Talent  Jay Leno spoofed Susan Boyle's Got Talent performance picture

Susan Boyle became so popular after her stunning performance at Britain’s Got Talent which was aired last April 11, 2007. There were reports that Susan Boyle had received an invitation to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Click here to watch Susan Boyle’s Rendition of My Heart Will Go On.

Image Source : Jay Leno joins Susan Boyle fan club with hilarious look-a-like impression on his US chat show

I wonder how it feels like to get married to the person that you’re dreaming of. Bruce Willis and lingerie model Emma Heming get married last Saturday. They have been together for more than a year and finally decided to get married.


emma hemming emma heming pictures emma heming pics emma heming demi moore bruce willis wife bruce willis emma heming bruce willis emma bruce willis  Bruce Willis marries lingerie model and actress Emma Heming picture

Bruce Willis marries lingerie model and actress Emma Heming

BruceWillis’ ex-wife Demi Moore and her husband Ashton Kutcher also attended the wedding ceremony which was held at Bruce’s house in Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos. Did you know that it was the same house where Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner get married in 2005? I’ve read from People Magazine that Bruce and Demi’s three daughters also attended the wedding ceremony.

I was looking for wedding pictures of Bruce Willis and  Emma Heming but I couldn’t find anything as of the moment. I’ll update this entry as soon as I found one.

Natasha Bedingfield matthew robinson natasha Matthew Robinson matt robinson  Matthew Robinson and Natasha Bedingfield Marry In Malibu pictureCalifornia businessman Matthew Robinson and Natasha Bedingfield was married in Malibu in a 30 minute outdoor wedding ceremony at the Church Estates Vineyards in Malibu on Saturday. There were 150 guests with the ‘Unwritten’ singer wearing a Vera Wang strapless gown with a veil.

Natasha Bedingfield had four bridesmaids and one flower girl, and walked back down the aisle to Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March.”

Photo by: Scott Wintrow / Getty