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Missing you – I always feel incomplete like a part of me is missing when you’re not here. I know that right now, this is how things have to be…youtube missing you written love letters Tyler Hilton lyrics tyler hilton sad love letters real love letters read love letters missing you thoughts missing you lyrics missing you love letters missing you miss you love letters lyrics missing you love missing you letters love letters to read love letters love and relationship letters i missed you i love you letters  missing you pictureYou’re physically present but your mind is somewhere in the middle of nowhere… I already miss you like you’re already gone… You just don’t know how difficult it is to see you in that situation and I don’t know where I could get the strength that I need because in situations like this, you used to be here at my side and telling me that everything’s gonna be fine… I am missing you so bad… Only God knows how long do we have to wait… Don’t worry I will always be here… Every day without you just reminds me of the joy you add to my life……

I am praying for your fast recovery…. I love you so much baby….

youtube missing you written love letters Tyler Hilton lyrics tyler hilton sad love letters real love letters read love letters missing you thoughts missing you lyrics missing you love letters missing you miss you love letters lyrics missing you love missing you letters love letters to read love letters love and relationship letters i missed you i love you letters  missing you picture

I used to hate this song… not actually the song but because it reminded me of someone… but I love its lyrics coz that’s what exactly I’m feeling right now… I am missing you so bad… Here’s Missing You Lyrics by Tyler Hilton

I smell something fishy!

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Am I just being a paranoid or what? I know most of you have already experienced the feeling of being in a paranoid state. What is paranoid anyway? It is said that you are a paranoid when you are having feelings of intense distrust and suspecting that something wrong is going on without having proofs.

 I smell something fishy! picture


And that is exactly what I feel right now. Sometimes I don’t know if I am just getting paranoid or what. I feel like there’s something really happening behind my back and whatever it is…. I really need to find out… I am having a lot of nightmares again this past few weeks and it’s as if it really happened… I could still remember the last time I had a nightmare about something…. Last year I found out that it really happened! Maybe it’s really true that dreams are giving us signs…. Or maybe I was just jumping into conclusions… I don’t have any evidence so for now I will just leave it that way til I got proofs… Too bad I can’t elaborate the story here because it was too personal. That’s all I can say for now…

Maybe I should write this one in my private blog instead… And speaking of my private blog, too bad I messed up with it yesterday… deleted my account due to TOS violation… Why? I uploaded my backup entries in my other blog and I forgot there were some links that should not be posted there and maybe that was the reason… maybe wordpress detected those links that’s why my account was deleted… Anyways… I just got lucky that I’ve already exported all my entries in that blog before I messed it up. I was lucky I regularly do this backup thing so I don’t have to worry in case of emergency like this… My blogging life will be doomed if I don’t have any backups at all… Backup entries are just like emergency lights… it really saved my day… So the only thing that I need to do now is to open new account and upload all my entries there… and that means I have to make a new blog! I really hate creating new account because it means that I have to fill up a lot of infos and need to check the email for verification purposes… so time consuming! Sigh…

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Relationships aren’t prisons

Not even for a while.

Love isn’t a trap

And no one who says they love you should make you feel like crap.

No one deserves to be beat

or forced to kiss someone’s feet.

Love should be caring and leave you feel like flying.


Move on…

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Love is precious
Love can make you smile
And hurt ones in a while…

I fear that one day
I’ll see go and step away
Here now I’m waiting ’til I may move on
Here now hopin’ that you’d make me strong…

But… All we’ve received is pain
As we both don’t want to love again
Don’t love in a way to fall for each other
Don’t love in a way to forget one another…

Move on… But is this right?
I tried but… but these sleepless nights…
I’m remembering what we’ve been through
Those times we said, `I love you`…

You said that you hate me
You don’t want to talk to me
But don’t let go of everything
Don’t let go.. of everything…

I see you happy with someone right now
I’m glad to said that that I didn’t made it…
I failed you, I failed `us`…
And to be hurt now Baby, it seems I must…

Weird words now been spoken
By my wounded heart and soul
Full of pain and frustration…
As I must move on, after all…

Contributed by : Kevin Paquet

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Of Love, Illusions & Pain

In my words I’ll hide my misery…
Woes of my heart are like a litany.
Maybe I should think of myself as lucky
To have held you in my arms, I was so silly

My happiness I guess were all illusion
Made me forget I’m fighting a revolution.
Amidst all the pain, toil and the confusion
My illusions were my only consolation.

Oh my heart screams to be free
From all my illusions and misery.
Oh my soul screams to be free
From holding on to an imagined destiny.

Maybe someday my love will see
I also struggled to be free.
Maybe one day she will agree
I’m not all words and for her I became free.

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To The One I Can’t Stop Loving
By: Selvo

Why did my heart forget,
that at the end of each day the sun will set.
Oh it hoped for the sunrise
it did not matter if pain is the price.

Why does my soul ask why,
did it forget that summer is dry.
Oh it hoped for the changing of the season
It hoped against the odds and all reason.

May all of my tears
wash away your heart’s fears…
and as the day’s end nears
I just wish that your storm clears.

I wish i could turn back time,
so i can wash away all my slime.
I hope that its not too late
for me to clean your slate.

Memories are made to be kept
as tears are meant to wept.
They say no pain, no gain,
forget the gain, I’ll embrace my pain.

You cannot be mine…
nor do you want me to be thine.
Pardon me for dreaming…
forgive me for trying.

Tomorrow morning your sun will shine,
even if it takes the light and joy from mine.
Soon my sun will set,
my only wish is that you won’t forget.

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Grow Old With You
By: Katherine Burden

Loving you is different
Loving you is cruel
Loving you is selfish
Loving you is sweet

A spell running through my veins
A poison that locked my heart
The air that keeps me breathing
Torch that lights my path

Miles may separate us
Time may pass by
But in my heart you’ll stay
Forever shall I say?

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by Isagani Dela Cruz

Kapag inasnan na ng luha ang unan at ang pisngi
At kapag ang bulong ng pagtatalo, sa tainga’y bumingi
Isasalaysay mo ba nang paulit ulit ang gunita?
Ipipikit mo ang mata sa nakikita?

Kapag ang pangako sa katuparan ay lumayo
Ang pahina ng kalendaryo bumibilis sa paglaho
Ipaaalala mo ba ang tuldok, saknong at tanong
at tandang padamdam sa dulo ng rumagasang kahapon?

Kapag ang tanong ay hindi na masagutan,
at sagot ay hindi na mapaniwalaan,
ang paniniwalang, ngayon na ay pinag-dududahan
saan patutungo ang patutunguhan?

Hanggang kailan, sa pagkapit ay hindi ka bibitaw?
Hanggang kailan nararapat na ang pako ay laktawan?
Magbingi-bingihan, bulag-bulagan, o, hanggang kailan?
Hanggang kailan ang sinasabi nilang walang hanggan?

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by Joy Barredo


We met when the moon
was kissing
the earth
communing with the sun
from then on we
said we were one


Time comes for unleaving
because no matter
how much the leaves cling
to the strength
of the tree
never fails
to fulfill its promise


I am part of you
as much as you
are part of me
one body
one heart
but two minds

o n

I cannot say yes
to everything that you ask
nor can I deny you
anything without pain

o n e

A separate peace
becomes the backbone
of our own unleaving

o e

The struggle to be
is as much of an effort
for me to see
as a person of worth
and mind

o n e

times when
may not know
seconds when
forget your name
your eyes
your hands

o n e

It’s a process of connecting
and coming home
to your space
my space
sharing our space
seeing the other
has changed
speaking a new language
yet still knowing
the old
till once more
we are



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by Joy Barredo

the strong scent of pine
teases my nose
while I wait till dawn
when I know I shall be ready
to climb the stretch
between forevers

my eyes trace the exquisite
parade of wild roses
and poison ivy
the moon’s delicate radiance
creating trinkets of gold
dancing on each
tiny petal

I can hear my heart
treading the path
neither hopeful
nor in despair
as I sing the song
the ears are hearing
I keep my tongue
close to my breasts

with the last few steps
I tiptoe
vision in a tunnel
the smile creeping
into my knowing eyes
my clever fingertips
lace your every feature

my heart
still singing the song
of jade and joy
after all the

you are here

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Shadow of Destiny by Kath Burden

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shadows poem shadow poems poem on destiny poem of destiny poem about destiny my destiny poem destiny poems  Shadow of Destiny by Kath Burden picture

Shadow of Destiny
By: Katherine Burden

Shadow succumb by darkness
Beauty lying underneath her silence
Hiding her sorrow through the night
Glimpse of her past was not that bright

Hair as black as coal
I wish I could see her soul
Her smile is a precious gold
Secret inside her was never unfold

Mesmerized by her presence
Loneliness of her absence
As my heart beats her name
Fear was all over my brain

Would I start with one hello
Or should I stop and mellow
A feeling inside me starts to grow
But how could she know

Emotions I kept within myself
A soul that needs help
But truth was better left unsaid
Nor will there be peace instead

The love inside I’ll buried
Nothing was left as she vanished
Sorrow and pain came in a blast
Mysteries was over at last

Memories of her is always in mind
Fate to me became not that kind
But after all it’s all in my hand
Praying that happiness is her to find

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For Cupid

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For Cupid

Love are you for real?
Or just sort of illusion,
Running on my mind

Love why can’t I feel you?
Believe me I tried
But you are nowhere to be found

Love oh love
Can’t you see I am desperately ill?
I need you here by my side

Love please stop hiding
I’m too tired chasing
My heart is already dying…

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For Cupid by Lobisloid

single girls looking for love love poems Love looking for true love lonely and looking for love cupid  For Cupid picturelettersfromthesoul

My current personal relationship is in chaos so in order for me not to divulge too much attention and be depressed on it, I decided to try a new project that is worthwhile. While I was blog surfing, I was inspired to create a new project. My purpose for making this is to help anyone who would like to express their LOVE to someone.

I invited some close friends to make this project and they agreed! So folks, we are looking for participants and contributors, especially for our fellow Filipinos to make this project a success. If you want to publish your love story, love letter, love poems, vlogs (video blog) etc. feel free to email us at valantines day letters moving on letters monthsary letters love story love letters letting go letters broken hearted anniversary letters  Are you in love?? or broken hearted?? picture and we will review it as soon as we received your email. We don’t exercise any discrimination so all races and genders are accepted as long as your work is about LOVE. If you have a personal blog then, this is your opportunity to promote your website/weblogs too. Just be sure to include the link on your email. You can also add your Friendster/MySpace/Multiply etc. account here.

Help us to spread this project to your friends because in doing so, you are also spreading love to others! Thank you.

Please follow this format when submitting an entry:


From: JeanGrey or (can be a name or a link to your blog, friendster, myspace, facebook, etc.)

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Where: Quezon City, Philippines (your location – optional)

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The Woman In My Life

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( To JEAN… The one I LOVE… The Woman IN MY LIFE… Happy 3 yrs.and 3 monthsary )

The woman in my life
Wakes me up in the morning
With a gentle touch
She kisses me
And whispers “Darling,
This day was made for us”

The woman in my life
Has a way of smiling
That can turn a grey sky blue
It’s just like her
Without trying
To make the whole world new

And shes there
When I need her
My guardian angel
In the dark
I can see her
Here by my side

The woman in my life
Catches me when I’m falling
And holds me like a baby when I’m hurt
No matter how high I climb
She guides me safely back to earth

And shes there
When I need her
My guardian angel
In the dark
I can see her
Here by my side

The woman in my life
Says I’m the one she prayed for
And all shes ever gonna need
But shes the one
My heart was made for
And that the way its always gonna be

The Blacksheep

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girl gone bad blacksheep bad gurl bad girl  The Blacksheep picture

too bad by kitterina

Ako’y masamang anak… maniniwala ka ba?
pagkat yan ang sabi ng mahal kong ina…
Bastos at walang modo.. yan ang laging maririnig
Puro kasamaan ko.. yan ang laging bukang bibig…

Oo!!! naging masama nga ako!!! di ko yan itinatanggi!!!
Sa lahat ng nagawa.. sukdulan ang pagsisisi…
Pero kahit minsan naitanong mo ba sa iyong sarili??
Kung ikaw ba’y ni minsan ay walang nagawang pagkakamali??

Lahat ng tao kapag nasasaktan.. natututong lumaban…
Ito ba ay tama?? O isang kalabisan??
Natural lang na magalit sa isang may kasalanan…
Pero tama pa rin ba??? na ako’y iyong pagbuhatan???

Kahit anong mahawakan.. sa akin ay ihahampas…
Walang katapusang galit.. di ba lilipas???
Di alintana kahit saan ako’y tamaan…
Sumigaw man ako na masakit na!!!! Di pa rin titigilan…

Naranasan mo na bang mabato ng electric fan??
At wasakin ang walis sa iyong katawan????
Di pa rin titigilan kahit sumigaw kang tama na…
Kaya nasambit ko na lang… “Gusto mo pa??? Sige pa kulang pa!!”

Mali ba ang mangatwiran sa isang magulang??
Ang lagi nyang sambit.. “Ikaw ay anak lamang!!!”
Kahit alam nyang siya ay mali.. wala lang pakialam..
Anong akala mo sakin?? walang pakiramdam??

Pagmamahal po nga ba ang tawag mo dyan?
Sa matatalim na salita.. wala kang pakundangan…
Ako’y isang anak.. iyo bang nakalimutan??
Mga paliwanag ko’y di man lang pakikinggan??

Mula pagkabata.. sagana na sa palo…
Mula sa isang malupit na kung tawagin ay tiyo…
Nang sumubok magsumbong.. ano napala ko??
Nabaligtad pa ako.. walang sawang pagkastigo…

Naranasan nyo na ba ang lumuhod sa munggo??
Habang may nakapatong na libro iyong mga braso??
Lahat ng ito dinanas ko kay tiyo..
Lahat ng klaseng pangaabuso.. habang ika’y nasa trabaho…

Magmula nuon.. sa murang isipan tumatak…
Ang galit kasabay ng luhang pumapatak…
Di man lang mag-usisa kung anong nangyari sa anak…
Habang tumatagal puso ko’y lalong nawawasak..

Kung alam mo lamang lahat ang aking naranasan..
Baka sakali kaya.. na ako’y di na masaktan??
Ako ba ay masisisi kung bakit nagkaganyan??
Damdaming puno ng galit.. di na yata maiibsan..

In fairness naman.. minsan mabait ka..
sa sobrang kulit.. pakiramdam mo’y isang bata…
Marunong ka rin naman palang tumawa…
Wish ko lang di na matapos ang mga araw na okey ka…

Ngunit nung isang araw.. di na naman kita maintindihan…
Bigla na lang tayong nagkaalitan na naman…
Lahat na lang isinumbat sa aking mukha…
Pati ba naman ang iyong ginawang pag-aaruga??

Mula sa pagsilang hanggang sa kasalukuyan…
Tama bang isumbat ang lahat ng ‘yan??
Isusumbat pala sa akin ang ibinigay na buhay…
Nang marinig ko yan.. gusto ko ng mamatay….

Sana matapos na ang mga paghihirap…
Kelan kaya mawawala ang madilim na ulap?
Kapayapaan ng isip at pagmamahal na tunay…
Ang tanging hiling ko habang ako’y nabubuhay…

Image by : kitterina

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my one and only true love

I’ve spent all my life wonderin’ where could my true love be…
I’ve seen too many faces… been to too many places…
until I finally gave up…
My mind stop workin’… my heart stop beating…
I almost lost hold of life…

Not until one day, I found a song…
and gave me some kind of light…
Now here I am… humming love songs again…
My mind started workin’.. my heart started beating…
And that’s when I knew…
I’m close to finding my true love…….

And now… I’ve already found my one and only true love……

Image by : beautyintheordinary