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ten things I hate [ or least like ]

September 12th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Personal - (0 Comments)

Thanks to chuckie for tagging me. At last makapagupdate man lang ng post :P

  • FOOD – i used to eat “balot” nung bata pa ako… from tuka hanggang paa… hinihimay himay ko pa nga yun e at kahit araw araw mo pa akong pakainin yan ay hindi ko tatanggihan… but now hindi ko na kaya!
  • (gusto ko lang i-share tong video about balot.. LOL kakatuwa lang ang pagkakagawa ng video)
     ten things I hate [ or least like ] picture


The Journey

August 30th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Featured Stories | Love | Relationship - (0 Comments)

wedding love story Love journey Guest Blogger Entry  The Journey picture

Submitted entry

The Journey by Pao

Visit her blog at LifeLog

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wedding love story Love journey Guest Blogger Entry  The Journey picture

wedding love story Love journey Guest Blogger Entry  The Journey picturelettersfromthesoul

The Story of Us

August 29th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Featured Stories | Love | Relationship - (13 Comments)

wedding letters love story family  The Story of Us picture

The Bride

Sheryl Ann is…

… born under the sign of Capricorn (Year of the Snake), 28 years old.

… the middle child and only daughter of 3 siblings… obviously, daddy’s little girl… her Mom’s best friend and Kuya’s bank manager. And siyempre ang ever always caring ate ni bunso.

… a B.S. Architecture graduate in Polytechnic University of the Philippines, who wanted to pursue a career in Culinary Arts and Photography (ang layo ata ng gusto i-pursue). But right now currently working in an Engineering Firm in a Laoag-based Project as a Junior Cad Architect.

… a very jolly person … that makes it easy for her to have friends.

Sheryl Ann loves …

… to cook and knows how to bake yummylicious cakes!

… reading books especially by Bob Ong… like hanging out on bookstores and magazine stands …

… Popoy (pet golden retriever) and Max ( pet Labarador)

… loves to sing (frustrated singer)

… chocolate so much!

… Jason so much as in!

The Groom

wedding letters love story family  The Story of Us picture

Jason is …

… born under the sign of Scorpio, 31 years old, a B.S. Architecture graduate in Far Eastern University, an Architect of nine years already. Has his own company, JR Design Icons.

… the middle child of 3 sibblings (a doctor, an architect and a lawyer! o ha!)

… mabait pero masungit

… an alaskador pero mabait pa rin

… a jack-of-all-trades. he knows how to play badminton, billiards, bowling & basketball (and he’s all good at it!)

Jason loves…

… eating everything Sheryl cooks…

… badminton (so much, he’s an addict!)

… Ragnarok… Pangya … name it!

… Sheryl Ann so much!

She said …

wedding letters love story family  The Story of Us picture

This is my side of our love story … how it all began …

I was a fresh graduate then, applying for a job in Designtech Consultancy and Management. While waiting for the person in charge for my interview, I stayed at their receiving area just in front of the receptionist desk. Then a guy went inside to punch in his DTR card. He’s smiling actually and I smiled back. The receptionist was teasing him that time and was about to make his attempt to tease her back when he stepped on something that almost tripped him down. The receptionist laugh so hard, and so did I … not because natisod siya but because of the laughs they both shared with the incident. Obviously, I got the job. After that, I was introduced to the whole staff. Heading to the Architectural Dept. where I would meet the person in-charge with me, the person who will sign my logbook for my board exams … to my surprise … was the same guy I laughed about that morning … Oh no! He’s my boss!

Arch. Jason D. Jamias, baby face (he was 25 then and I’m 22), very poised, looks serious. I didn’t know at first we could get along. He’s a jack of all trades, one hell of an alaskador. When he laughs nawawala mata niya. Everybody just loves him. An architect for four years already (after graduation, took the board exam and passed agad! galing ng baby ko), he really knows his craft. No wonder at that age, he handles that position.

As days went by, we became close. He was like a long lost friend. Opposites really attract. He’s an introvert and I’m an extrovert. He wasn’t just my boss, he became my bestfriend. Every lunch time, he never fails to give me a Tofiluk chocolate bar. He always walks me hanggang sa terminal ng jeep after office hours. He helpedme a lot when it comes to our field. How to master the CAD software, to know how to write BOQ’s and the do’s and don’t of Specs. Writing. Even if work has filed up on him, he still takes time to answer my queries. Sometimes, he lets me checks errors in drawings so that it would be easier for him to revised it in the computer. We write each other through the use of Word Doc and save it in a diskette so we could read it at home. Lahat ng angst namin sa work nakalagay dun. Ang corny ba? Nah I don’t think so. Knowing Jason, that’s something sweet kasi wala sa personalidad niya yun. He’s courting somebody that time. I became his “ligaw” consultant. But little did he know, I became jealous of that girl everytime we talked about her. He even have a picture of her on his desktop. And kainis pa dun, some of our officemates tells me they thought it was me when viewd from afar … heller??? mas maganda kaya ako dun?

As friends, I gathered all my guts for us to talked about our very complicated relationship. I don’t want myself to be left hanging. I know there’s something going on between us but we’re both afraid we’ll gonna lose the friendship if love will come our way. I didn’t get the answer right away. Play safe siya kumbaga. My treatment towards him became cold. Phone calls became less, I tend to be more masungit and mataray towards him pero he’s there pa rin and never left me.

One fine day, the moment was right but not the right place (literally, it is not the right place hahaha!), July 6, 2000, we became “us”. I made my bestfriend the happiest person alive. I’m his first and he was my last. And for almost six years of being together… Finally, I’m going to marry my bestfriend.

He said…

wedding letters love story family  The Story of Us picture

This is my side of our love story:

I met Sheryl in our office at Designtech as a CAD operator. She saw me first having a blooper (what a nice way to see me at first time, hehehehe), I was tripped by a cabinet handle at our secretary’s table while she was sitting at the waiting area. Sheryl giggled at my blooper that time.

Actually I’m the supervisor of the Architectural division in our office, so I handle all the CAD operators including Sheryl.  Sheryl just graduated in college when she started working; obviously she tends to ask me questions on how to do some drawings and advises how to simplify commands in AutoCAD program. We eat lunch sitting beside each other, share stories during lunch break, even exchange letters about our life, and accompany her to a jeepney terminal wherein she rides to get home. From thereon we developed a special friendship, and some of our officemates usually talks about our being so close with each other.

During that time I’m courting a girl named Nil, I usually asked Sheryl how to make my date memorable. Sheryl on the other hand had a crush with one of our CAD operators named Arnel, I got jealous when I knew that. Every after date I made, I share with her stories what had happened to my date. But some of the stories about my date are just made up, because I want to see her reactions if she will also get jealous. I think I got my purpose from doing that.

Then came the unexpected day, we had a general membership meeting at the UAP Capitol Chapter. Sheryl joined us to fix ourselves together with our friends Dex and Dax. A question that can never be answered by “NO”, I was asked by Dex, what’s the real thing between us, then Sheryl asked me the same question, I was silenced and answered…

WE’RE GETTING MARRIED ON OCTOBER 28, 2006. (did I answered the question?)

Submitted entry

The Story of Us by Sheryl Anne

Visit her blog at Chronicles of a Pasawife

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letting go..

August 29th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Featured Stories | Love | Relationship - (15 Comments)

love story letting go letters letting go letter letting go let you go let go gf deep inside my heart biggest mistake  letting go.. picture

my ex jUst sEnt mE a mSg tO sTop bUgginG him (LikE caLLing oR evEn txtinG hm) tO pRevEnt him fRom bReaking uP wiTh hiS pReSent gf.. it huRts…it rEaLLy rEaLLy huRts…it’s Like my whoLe wOrld’s cRusHed in fRont oF mE…i can’t aCcept tHe faCt anD i can’t LivE my LifE wiThOut him in it…i havE maDe tHe biGgeSt miStake oF maKing him my wHoLe wOrLd in tHe fiRst pLaCe…i want tO cRy bUt tHeRe aRe nO mOre tEars tO sHed anD siLence cOuLd cUt sO dEep.. i sTiLL LovE him..wHat wOuLd i dO? i’vE aLrEady tRiEd eveRytHing..anD i’m LoSing hOpe nOw…i wiLL caRry tHis my wHoLe LifE anD i dOn’t tHink i cOuLd gEt ovEr him fOrEveR….. hE’s tHe onLy pErSon ivE evEr LovED tHis way anD i dOn’t tHink i cOuLd finD a LovE LikE tHis aGain…my LovE fOr him waS unCondiTiOnaL..anD i havE saCrifiCed a LoT… i havE tO keeP mySeLf bUsy at aLL timEs tO mOve on…. anD gEt uSed tO tHe feeLing…im a biT haPpy cOz i aLrEady toLd him tHe tHings i kEpt dEep inSiDe my hEaRt tHoUgh iT wOn’t cHangE anytHinG aT LeaSt i Let iT oUt anD hE aLrEady knEw… im nOw cOntEntEd aS LonG aS he’s haPpy… i am aLso haPpy

Submitted entry

Thanks Roxsan B! ;)

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Image by : Andrea B.

For Cupid

August 29th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Featured Stories | Love | Poetry - (0 Comments)

For Cupid

Love are you for real?
Or just sort of illusion,
Running on my mind

Love why can’t I feel you?
Believe me I tried
But you are nowhere to be found

Love oh love
Can’t you see I am desperately ill?
I need you here by my side

Love please stop hiding
I’m too tired chasing
My heart is already dying…

? Submitted entry

For Cupid by Lobisloid

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Insanity vs Stupidity… in LOVE

August 28th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Love | Personal | Relationship - (0 Comments)

stupidity madness insanity  Insanity vs Stupidity… in LOVE picture

What is Insanity? Well, Insanity or madness, is a general term for a semi-permanent, severe mental disorder. How about Stupidity? Stupidity is the quality or condition of being stupid, or lacking intelligence, as opposed to being merely ignorant or uneducated. This quality can be attributed to both an individual or a person’s actions, words or beliefs. The term can thus also refer to poor use of judgement, or insensitivity in a person who is otherwise intelligent. (From Wikipedia) In our own words… “B*LIW AT B*BO” (let’s include pagka T*NGA). Sabi nga when you’re IN LOVE, you’re insane and stupid (nga ba??) Whew! Love is not always a pleasant ache in the chest. It’s a terrible pain that could be fatal. Kahit super sakit na ang nararamdaman mo, you’re still hoping and walang kamatayang wishing na magbago ugali nya. But let’s face the truth! Once a liar… always a liar! I’ve been there na kasi. I admit I’m not perfect or kinda “SANTA”… I lied but not as grabe sa EX ko. How will you handle such 13x lies??? (13 women to be exact) So, Insanity and Stupidity- Applicable!! All those lies pinalampas ko lang na parang wala lang. Still hoping, praying and wishing na magbago siya. But sabi nga “Mahirap turuan ng bagong taktika ang matandang aso” Hanggang sa dumating ang time na I can’t handle the pain, naging NUMB na ako until kahit ga butil ng asin na love hindi ko na maramdaman sa kanya. It’s true… NAKAKAPAGOD, NAKAKASAWA,NAKAKAPANGHINAYANG! But it’s okay, natanggap ko na lahat un sa sarili ko. At least nagising pa ako, and talagang THANX kay God dahil after that tragedy, nakita ko na din ung 1 tao na magmamahal sakin na hindi magsasawa, mapapagod, at hindi manghihinayang na gawin lahat for me and to spend the rest of her life with me… c”,)

? Submitted entry

Insanity vs. Stupidity by nucleus10

“nakita ko na din ung 1 tao na magmamahal sakin na hindi magsasawa, mapapagod, at hindi manghihinayang na gawin lahat for me and to spend the rest of her life with me… c”,)”

hmmm.. thanks po…

stupidity madness insanity  Insanity vs Stupidity… in LOVE picturelettersfromthesoul

The Tie that Binds…

August 28th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Love | Personal | Relationship - (0 Comments)

Like M.C. (marriage contract po), ang ring (kahit anong klase pa) is also like a rope na talagang nakatali ka! Some pips pag binigyan ng ring natutulala dahil super happy sila at ready ng umakyat sa “next level”. Ung iba naman natutulala dahil sa dami ng lumilipad sa isip nila (Sh*t! ayoko pang matali sa kanya, I’m not yet ready!) or ( sinong gagastos sa wedding? magbubuntis na ako!) I don’t know kung bakit napaka big deal sa ating ka pipz ang RING. I admit kahit sakin big deal din po ito. Kahit ano pang sabihin ng iba, keber ko sa kanila! Kahit yari sa tanso o gold o galing pa sa silverworks yan, ok lng diba? basta galing sa mahal po (kahit di pa mahal… yung ring) Sabi ng iba pag binalik sa iyo yung ring “ayawan na” “tama na” “break na”. But actually, it’s not like that. In my case, I have it nga eh! as in ayan oh nakikita mo ba ung pic? yan po yun. Ako na ang ring keeper ngayon and time will come, when I’m ready or we’re both ready, we’ll wear that same ring and we’ll utter the same words all over again and again… (I love you still…)
Submitted entry
The Tie That Binds by nucleus10

One message received…

August 28th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Love | Relationship - (0 Comments)

Feelings are made to be expressed..
They are not meant to be kept..
Don’t be a loser without fighting..
Never make regrets for yourself to suffer..
Coz you know what?
In silence it hurts more..

Ouch! That hit right through me like a bullet piercing my body and into my soul.. creating shock waves that resonate in an endless cycle.. stirring.. throbbing.. straining and pressuring my core. Tension that I can no longer ignore. Maybe this could be like a volcano.. Now I can’t help myself to explode..

I can no longer contain this and I choose to explode in Words and it might give me sympathy and distress Words too much that God and Goddesses would not miss it and finally hear my agony.. my little vanities.. my prayers. They might be touched and gracious enough
to grant my plead and endow you with a similar affliction.. just like me.


A Special Memory…

August 28th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Things That Matters - (0 Comments)
 A Special Memory… picture

Thanks for sharin’ your life with me… i love you still…

 A Special Memory… picturelettersfromthesoul

Are you in love?? or broken hearted??

August 28th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Love | Personal | Poetry | Relationship - (1 Comments)

My current personal relationship is in chaos so in order for me not to divulge too much attention and be depressed on it, I decided to try a new project that is worthwhile. While I was blog surfing, I was inspired to create a new project. My purpose for making this is to help anyone who would like to express their LOVE to someone.

I invited some close friends to make this project and they agreed! So folks, we are looking for participants and contributors, especially for our fellow Filipinos to make this project a success. If you want to publish your love story, love letter, love poems, vlogs (video blog) etc. feel free to email us at valantines day letters moving on letters monthsary letters love story love letters letting go letters broken hearted anniversary letters  Are you in love?? or broken hearted?? picture and we will review it as soon as we received your email. We don’t exercise any discrimination so all races and genders are accepted as long as your work is about LOVE. If you have a personal blog then, this is your opportunity to promote your website/weblogs too. Just be sure to include the link on your email. You can also add your Friendster/MySpace/Multiply etc. account here.

Help us to spread this project to your friends because in doing so, you are also spreading love to others! Thank you.

Please follow this format when submitting an entry:


From: JeanGrey or (can be a name or a link to your blog, friendster, myspace, facebook, etc.)

To: Kero or or (name – if you are dedicating this to someone, it can also be a link to a blog, friendster, myspace, etc. of the person)

Where: Quezon City, Philippines (your location – optional)

[ message ] – can be a poem, letter, a video blog you personally made – for videos please include the link, etc…

blog shift?

August 28th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Love | Personal | Relationship - (0 Comments)

Ilang araw ko na rin tong pinagiisipan. Gusto ko ng mag-blog shift! pero yung mga contents lang naman. Gusto ko lang gumawa ng bagong blog at i-import na lang duon yung mga lumang entries at para maiba naman ang format ng blog na ‘to. Medyo mas nakakarami na kasi yung mga entries na nakakadepress na nangyari sa life ko. Para sakin it’s a way of coping up and moving on.

I didn’t make this blog to attract attention. I started blogging for me to have an outlet since I’ve got only few friends and I don’t wanna bug them for my personal problems in life. Ayoko silang istorbohin dahil para lang magdrama at marami rin silang mga iniintindi sa buhay. sus!!! sayang naman ang oras!! Mas gusto ko pa na makasama sila at masaya lang kami at lumabas para gumimik at pagusapan ang mas importante pang bagay. For me, blogging is a way of helping myself para marelease lahat ng gumugulo sa isipan ko. Ang sarap kasi ng feeling kapag nailabas mo na lahat ng sama ng loob… parang sakit lang ng tyan na pagkatapos ay i-flu-flush lang sa toilet. Pagkatapos kong magsulat at ilabas lahat ng galit, pagkainis, pagkabored… para sakin nakakarelieve yun ng sobra.

Kanya kanya lang naman ng trip yan e… kanya kanya lang ng paraan… Kailangan tulungan ang sarili dahil wala naman dapat ibang asahan at hindi rin naman dapat umasa sa ibang tao. Hindi dapat magpa-apekto. Hindi dapat hayaan ang sarili na malugmok sa mga problema. Problema lang yan. Malalampasan rin. Kailangan magpakatatag. Kailangang matutong lumaban. Kailangang tumayo sa sariling paa.

Hmmm sa mga ayaw ng drama… hayaan nyo kasi sa mga susunod na entries mas lalo pang magiging madrama…. kasi hindi lang sarili kong drama ang ipo-post ko dito! pati drama ng iba!! :P Pero tingin ko mas exciting yun!

Bawat tao may kanya kanyang kwento. At sa bawat kwento, maganda man or hindi ang mga nangyari pero sigurado merong kapupulutang aral dito. Ok lang naman ang drama. Aminin man natin sa sarili o hindi, lahat tayo dumadaan sa pagsubok… lahat nakakaranas ng sakit… lahat ay marunong umiyak… lahat ay may kanya kanyang problema. Pero kapag nagawa mong malampasan ang lahat ng hirap na yan sa buhay at nakatayo ka pa rin… mas masasabi mo sa sarili mo na mas naging matatag ka na! Yan ang reality… yan ang totoong buhay…

Link Trip #4

August 28th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Things That Matters - (0 Comments)

Marami akong ginagawa ngayon… actually busy lang ako sa kababasa ng blogs ng iba! :P wala lang tinatamad akong magsulat… and mejo gusto ko ng baguhin ang blog na ito… Ayoko ng magkwento about my life… narealize ko to after kong mabasa yung isang entry jan sa baba… pero ok lang din na nakasulat lahat dito lahat ng mga maganda at di magandang nangyayari sa nakaraan… at least kung di man ma-absorb ng utak ko yung situation, or maari ring dahil sa ayaw ko lang talagang isaksak sa utak ko at tanggapin ang totoo… hmmm baka ihampas ko na lang sa ulo ko etong laptop ko para matauhan na ako……. syempre exaggerated lang ako… di ko naman gagawin…

since wala pa namang masyadong nangyayari sa life ko… Kaya eto link trip ulit!

Wowowee’s Wilyonaryo Controversy – WoWoWee Scandal??? I-click ng malaman!

Lugmok – wow!! bow ako sayo…. sapul na naman…. para sa mga nagtatanga-tangahan.. nagbubulag bulagan… at mga masukista!

Move On! – at eto pa ang isa! the best ang entry na to…

Link Trip #3

August 26th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Things That Matters - (0 Comments)

Ayoko na munang mag-isip ng mag-isip… time to unwind and set myself free from all the burdens of life….

So here’s and another link trip…

link trip  Link Trip #3 picture

DJ Robin Mendoza presents ?r?t¡c

- hindi po ito porno… just click the image
for more info.. try nyo po.. nakakarelax ng

the one that knocked… – another post by DJ Robin aka “azrael” LOLZ ang kukulit nyong mga guys… :P mejo mahaba yung entry na ‘to pero basahin nyo hanggang sa huli…. :P

SMS Jokes For Today 08.25.07 – mga “green text jokes”

Smells Like Ting(gel) Spirit… – para sa mga berde jan eto ang sa inyo! :P nung last week ko pa to nabasa… since mukhang parepareho sila ng category… share ko na rin dito sa linktrip!


August 24th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Love | Personal | Relationship - (0 Comments)

pagkatapos na pagkatapos kong maipublish ang last entry ko nung August 21 bigla na lang syang nagtext at nagsabi na magkita raw kami sa bahay nya ng 6pm. Oh diba ang bilis ng reaksyon. Hmmm syempre kahit katatapos lang ng drama at kahit na may tampo pa ako sa kanya ay nagmamadali akong naligo at nagbihis para pumunta sa bahay nya… Pakiramdam ko ay para akong bata na bigyan mo lang ng isang kendi ay mapapasaya mo na ito…

Syempre dahil marami na namang delays, nakarating ako sa bahay nya ng almost 8pm na. Pagpasok ko sa bahay nya, nakapatay ang ilaw at tanging kandila lamang sa cake ang nagsisilbing liwanag sa maliit na na kwarto na yun… sa maliit na mesa nakita ko dun ang cake, card, pizza, palabok at kulay orange na banner sa gilid ng kama na may nakasulat na happy 50th monthsary… nilapitan ko sya at niyakap ko ng mahigpit at hinalikan… hirap na hirap pang lumabas sa bibig ko ang salitang “i love you” dahil pinipigilan ko ang sarili ko na maging emotional na naman…

trivia lang po… gusto ko lang i-share na everytym na monthsary namin, hindi nawawala sa mesa ang palabok . Yun ang official handa namin kapag monthsary namin eh… Actually mejo delayed na ang celebration na to dahil nung August 10 pa ang monthsary namin… Wala akong makita sa blogs ko na naikwento ko na nagcelebrate kami nung August 10 dahil siguro isa na naman yun sa mga araw na magkagalit kami…

Masyado na yata akong nagiging ulianin pero ang mga nakakalimutan ko lang yung mga away namin na pilit kong binubura agad sa isipan ko… kaya madalas kapag kailangan ko ng mag-reason out everytime na-b-brought up ang isang pangyayaring hindi maganda sa nakaraan ay hindi pare-pareho ang mga naisasagot ko.. Hindi yun dahil sa sinungaling ako kundi dahil pakonti konti lang ang mga pangyayaring natatandaan ko… Kaya magandang way na rin itong blogs at least maisulat ko man lang ang ilan sa mga pangyayari sa buhay ko…

Pero subukan mong tanungin ako about sa happy moments namin…. sigurado detalyado pati places, pati suot kong damit nung araw na yun… pati mga sinabi ko at emotions ko nung time na yun… lahat lahat yun fresh na fresh pa sa utak ko….

balik ulit sa walang katapusang kwento ko kanina about sa surprise nya sakin…. ayun… kasabay ng sobrang saya ay nakaramdam ako ng pagkaguilty… dahil syempre bago ako nagpunta sa bahay nya ay todo emote na naman ako… e di kasi sya nagpaparamdam! yun pala may surprise na naman pala… e kung nagsabi na lang ba sya agad na may surprise pala sya??? e di sana hindi ako paranoid kung bakit di sya nagtetext diba… hmmmm…. sensya na aning din ako magrason… natural di na surprise yun kung sasabihin nya diba… actually defense mechanism lang to kaya ko nasasabi to kasi alam ko nagkamali ako e…


How addicted to blogging are you??

August 21st, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Things That Matters - (0 Comments)

Di na naman ako makatulog… kaya eto blog hopping ulit… ’til I came across this website – Mingle²

For those who would like to know if he/she is already a blog addict… just click the image below and answer the questions as honest as possible.
test  How addicted to blogging are you?? picture

hmmmm… yung ibang mga adik jan… try nyo rin!

Link Trip #2

August 20th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Personal - (0 Comments)

Another LinkTrip!

link trip  Link Trip #2 picture

WAYN – Where Are You Now?

Try nyo to… para sa mga lakwatsero/lakwatsera… para sa mga nakapagtrip around the world na jan… This is a great site where in you can share kung saang lupalop na kayo ng mundo nakapunta… :P

link trip  Link Trip #2 picture

A gathering place and for all WordPress.Com Pinoy bloggers! Sali na!


Link trip #1

August 19th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Personal - (0 Comments)

Nakakabored ang day na to… Pansin ko lang mejo nasa mood akong magbasa ng magbasa ng mga blogs ng iba…. so I came up with this idea na i-post na lang here some links of posts/websites/blogs that I’ve found interesting and baka magustuhan nyo rin…

KC Concepcion – ganda nya talaga…. crush na ba ang tawag dito? hehehe puro guys lang kasi ang crush ko kahit I’m into this kind of relationship :P

Do fairies exist? by Urban Angel

Super Bianca – I love reading her posts kasi for me napaka natural and totoo and more on personal stuff… gusto ko yung mga ganitong tema para kahit I don’t know her personally at least kahit papano… kahit konti may malaman man lang akong something interesting sa life nya… whether it’s good or bad…

The Native Sentimental Maniac – halos matatapos ko ng basahin lahat ng entries nya… I admire this person coz after all his struggles.. still nalampasan nya pa rin yung mga probs na yun…. my favorite posts for this blog ay yung naghahanap sya ng boarding house somewhere in Manila ’til makilala nya si Tita Pearly and another post entitled “the creepy restroom” haha! Sana kung ano man ang probs mo ngayon I know malalampasan mo rin yan…. hmmm… hilig ko talaga sa drama… nakakarelate kasi ako sa stories nya… Sana tuloy tuloy na po ang changes ha…

Cats’ sleeping positions – cute!

Luxury cars smashed to bits - maybe nakita nyo na to sa news sa tv or newspaper pero…. ang T*NGA kasi ng idea! pera na yan sinira pa tapos ngayong sira na tsaka ibebenta ang mga metal scraps!! TSK TSK

pinoy celebrity blogs – jan ko nakita yung link sa blog ni KC

bangungot nga ba?

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 bangungot nga ba? picture

I saw this entry entitled An image that can change the world by Vin. Alam nyo ba nung nabasa ko tong post na ito nung isang araw at siguro sa sobrang kakatitig ko sa picture na to… napanaginipan ko pa! sa panaginip ko nakita ko ang sarili ko na nakatayo at nanjan ako sa place na yan. Siguro mga tatlong dipa ang layo sa akin nung bata. Maya maya yang nakayukong bata ay dahan dahang gumagapang papalapit sakin tapos nung nasa paanan ko na sya, dahan dahan nyang iniangat ang ulo nya at tinitigan ako ng mata sa mata! takot na takot ako sobra… sa panaginip ko di ako makatakbo… di ako makasigaw… sabi ko sa sarili ko alam ko nananaginip lang ako dahil nabasa ko nga ito sa blogs ni Vin… wahhhh!!! pinipilit ko talagang gumising… tapos biglang naiba yung scene. Sa panaginip ko nahihirapan na akong huminga at nakikita ko ang sarili ko na nagpapapalag habang nakahiga sa kama. Sabi ko sa sarili ko “God gusto ko na pong magising tulungan nyo ko natatakot na po ako…” Hanggang sa kapapalag ko naramdaman ko na natabig ko yung celfone ko na lagi kong katabi sa pagtulog. Ayun!! sa wakas nagising din ako… Sa lakas siguro ng pagkakatabig ko sa celfone ko… ayun tanggal lang naman ang battery at simcard pero buti na lang hindi naman sya nasira at walang kagalos galos. Tibay talaga ng moto! Pagkagising ko feeling ko para akong pagod na pagod at ang lakas ng kabog ng dibdib ko na para bang nagtatakbo..

Whew! feeling ko nga bangungot na yun e… at dahil nai-post ko itong picture na ito dito sa blogs ko….. wish ko lang hindi ko na ito mapanaginipan mamaya…

The Five Variable Love Test

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found this one at cheng’s blog so nagtry din ako… and here’s the result…

Your Five Variable Love Profile

Propensity for Monogamy:
Your propensity for monogamy is high.You find it easy to be devoted and loyal to one person.And in return, you expect the same from who you love.Any sign of straying, and you’ll end things.

Experience Level:

Your experience level is high.

You’ve loved, lost, and loved again.

You have had a wide range of love experiences.

And when the real thing comes along, you know it!


Your dominance is medium.

You tend to be the one with more power.

You aren’t a total control freak in relationships..

But of course you don’t mind getting your way!


Your cynicism is low.

You are an eternal optimist when it comes to love and romance.

No matter how many times you’ve been hurt – you’re never bitter.

You believe in one true love, your perfect soulmate.

And if you haven’t found true love yet, you know you will soon.


Your independence is low.

This doesn’t mean you’re dependent in relationships..

It does mean that you don’t have any problem sharing your life.

In your opinion, the best part of being in love is being together.

The Five Variable Love Test


manila standard malu fernandez  Ang pagsikat sa maling paraan: The Malu Fernandez Controversy pictureSino ang hindi pa nakakakilala sa taong ito??? Hindi ko sya crush… Hindi ko sya kamag-anak at lalong di ko rin sya ka-friendster…

Ano kaya ang pakiramdam ng isang taong napakaraming nagagalit sa kanya… May pera ka nga at lahat ng luho sa buhay ay kayang bilhin pero… Nakakatulog ka pa kaya sa gabi? Alam ko gasgas na ang issue na ito tungkol kay Malu Fernandez. Kung ikaw ay nagbabasa nito at hindi mo pa alam, bakit hindi mo subukan na i-search sa Google ang pangalang yan at ng malaman mo kung gaano na karami ang mga pinoy na galit na galit sa taong ito… pakibasa na lang po ang article na isinulat nya at ng malaman kung bakit ganun na lang ang reaction ng mga kapwa Filipino sa taong ito. Pakiclick na lang po yung image sa baba para mabasa ang article na isinulat nya…

(Click the image to enlarge view)

manila standard malu fernandez  Ang pagsikat sa maling paraan: The Malu Fernandez Controversy picturemanila standard malu fernandez  Ang pagsikat sa maling paraan: The Malu Fernandez Controversy picture

Ang sakit lang isipin na meron talagang mga kapwa Pilipino na tumatapak sa pagkatao ng kapwa nya Pilipino at isa na rito ang taong ‘yan… Ayan sikat ka na ngayon… sikat ka na sa paghamak mo sa kapwa mo Pilipino!!! Alam mo po mam kahit balutan mo ang katawan mo ng mga mamahaling damit, alahas at mga mamahaling pabango, still, sa ginawa mo pong paghamak sa ating mga OFW workers, ay hinding hindi mo po mapagtatakpan ang umaalingasaw na kabulukan ng ugali na ipinakita nyo po sa column na yan…

Ang aking ama ay isa ring OFW worker sa mahabang panahon at ang ilan sa aking mga kamag-anak ay mga OFW rin kaya hinding hindi ko po ito mapapalampas! Hindi nyo po masisisi ang mga taong nagagalit sayo kahit hindi ka naman nila personal na kakilala… Sa ipinakita nyo po kasing ugali sa pagsulat ng column na yan…… Ikaw na rin ang nagpahintulot sa mga tao para magbigay din ng maaanghang na commento laban sayo…

Tama nga ang kasabihang “Kung ano ang itinanim ay sya ring aanihin…”

Eto pa ang isa pakibasa po ang Am I being a diva? Or do you lack common sense? by Malu Fernandez. Sa title pa lang mas lalong nakakainit ulo talaga. Eto ang part ng column na yan ang nakita kong nakakairita na naman… parasa kanya aynakakatawa pala ang isinulat nyang column na yun…. grabeh talaga…

As I type this, I’d like you to know that it’s not about whining, complaining and bitching but just stating the facts. Just recently, I wrote a funny article in my magazine column and my friends thought it was hilarious. It was humorous and quite tongue-in-cheek, or at least I thought so, until the magazine got a few e-mails from people who didn’t get the meaning of my acerbic wit. The bottom line was just that I had offended the reader’s socioeconomic background. If any of these people actually read anything thicker then a magazine they would find it very funny. Most people don’t get the fact that they need bitches like me to shake up their world, otherwise their lives would be boring and mediocre. I obviously write for the a certain target audience and if what I write offends you, just stop reading.

Astig!! Hmmm… sa makakabasa bahala na kayong humusga. Yung mga sobrang nairita sa naunang column…. ayan po ang sagot nya… Kung sasabihin mo naman po na di ka bababa sa level namin… ang masasabi ko lang…. di mo naman talaga kailangang bumaba pa sa level namin kasi hindi rin naman namin gusto na umakyat sa kung anong level ka man nandun ngayon dahil to the highest level po ang galit ng mga tao sayo…. Ayaw namin na maging kagaya mo po…

Relax lang people! tsk…