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World’s fastest fat burner

January 24th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Health - (0 Comments)

Many men and women nowadays, starting at the age of 18 up, are into working out. I even see some who are much younger, who start exercising early, just to have a nice body. All those who want to lose weight is in search of only one thing, the worlds fastest fat burner. Who does not want to lose weight fast anyway? It’s the major reason why people follow strict dieting, buy exercise equipments, go to the gym, go jogging, play sports, and take different types of supplements. All for a great lean sexy body, for more confidence and to look better.

Some even join marathon, walkathon, and cycling race. Others try swimming exercises, and different breathing techniques. There are also those who try yoga, martial arts, and boxing. While others can’t help but go through surgeries to achieve faster results.

What about you? What are you willing to do just to achieve a beautiful sexy body?

HTC Desire Android

January 24th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

I’ve been reading reviews about HTC Desire Android because I have seen a commercial on the TV which promotes the said phone. At a cheap price, and with great specs, it is indeed a good buy for those who want an android phone. You can access the internet anywhere with the 3G and Wifi capability, which saved you a lot from your plan, because there are a lot of free wifi hotspots all over the city where you can access the internet for free.

If ever I will buy my friend a new phone as a gift, I’ll give her the HTC Desire, so that she can use it while she’s working abroad. She would be able to communicate with her two kids all the time, so she won’t miss her that much. Because she’s already missing them right now, even if she’s still here. I also told her that another option would be buying a tablet pc, which she can use to access the internet and communicate with her kids and family back home. I’d also love to hear from her every now and then.

forehead wrinkle treatments

January 24th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

My dad has been looking really odd lately, my mom even joked about him getting older fast, because of the wrinkles on his forehead. He even requested for me to buy him some facial wash and scrub, to get rid of the dead skin cells. But I suggested that perhaps it would be great if aside from those products, he would also use forehead wrinkle treatments since it targets his problem area. He said perhaps next time, when he gets to go with us to the mall’s beauty shop section so he can choose for himself. According to him, he has a very sensitive skin. Me and my mom just laughed, because dad has never been this vain before, just now.
I think he’s trying to look young because his old age is taking its toll on him and he’s starting to look like a senior citizen that he is. Oh well, at least there are products that he could use to delay the aging process, and even renew his skin cells and look younger by a few years.

the sleepover – 127 hours

January 24th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

My friends slept over here in my place last night. Actually their initial plan was just to watch movies and have a little gathering before a few of my friends would go overseas to work. But it was getting late, so my mom decided not to let them go home, because they’re all girls, and we have an extra room that the guest could use anyway. But after watching the movies some of them already fell asleep, so the home theater seating looked like a sleeping couch, but it was a fun night. We watched a movie entitled 127 hours. It was an excellent movie, some sort of adventure, but also kind of dramatic and thrilling.
My friends went home after we had breakfast. I drove them to the highway, where they were able to ride a cab to their respective homes. I haven’t heard from them yet, I’m guessing that they have continued sleeping in their houses, since we only had a few hours of sleep. It’s sad to know that some of them will be leaving soon, but it’s also great that we got to spend some time to bond, somehow.

prenatal vitamins for pregnant women

January 24th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Health - (0 Comments)

Our neighbor was advised by his doctor to take a leave from work to make sure that she and the baby will be safe, because she’s having a high risk pregnancy, and any stress could possibly endanger her or the babies life. She is also advised to take supplements, drink milk, and have a regular prenatal check-up to monitor her pregnancy.
Taking care of a baby while he or she is still developing as a fetus is just as important as taking care of him/her after he or she is born. Actually, it’s the more crucial stage, because how healthy the baby would be when he comes out, would depend on his development while inside the womb. Pregnant women should be encouraged to take prenatal vitamins to ensure that the baby in their womb will be strong and healthy, and to avoid any possible birth defects. It’s also proven that moms who nurture their baby even before they were born, are likely to have more intelligent and healthier kids when they grow up. So, no matter how scarce the budget may be, or how hard life is, it should not be a reason to neglect all the necessary check-up and supplements that a pregnant woman should be taking.

POS systems upgrade

January 23rd, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

I’ve noticed that the nearby mall that we always go to have upgraded their POS systems. I guess it’s about time, because the last time we went there, they were still using the old ones, and some cashiers are having downtime, which caused many of the transactions to be delayed, plus some devices are unable to read the codes properly.
At least they have finally invested in their new POS devices. For sure, they will be able to cover up all the expenses in no time, because more and more customers will come to buy in their store, if the transaction are done fast and accurate. They also have great customer service, with both excellent staff and superb technology combined, I’m sure it will boost their sales.
Talking about malls, my mom and I are going out to buy some stuff, especially some grocery goods and meat, because we’re running out of them. Our refrigerator only have a few hotdogs, chicken meat and vegetables left. I want to eat beef, so I wanna go to the supermarket now!!!

I want an ATV!

January 23rd, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Ever since I’ve seen an ATV, I really wanted to buy one,but I’m not sure if I can get a license that will allow me to drive them here in the city, just like regular motorcycles. So, right now, I just try to educate myself more about the said vehicle, so in case they would sell those that are equipped for road driving and can have a street driving license, I can buy one and I would know where to look for ATV Parts.

I’m pretty sure it would be fun driving an ATV. I’ve watched a lot of videos featuring some famous stars on their ATVs. I also see a lot of people using them for a sand ride on the beach. So, if ever my dream would come true and I can afford to buy a beach front lot and build my dream vacation house, I can also have an ATV, aside from the golf cart that I also wanted to have for the longest time.

ab workouts

January 23rd, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

I think today might be one of my lucky days. After experiencing a few days with less revenues from my other online income source, I finally got a big bonus. I’m so happy because someone bought ab workouts and exercise equipment through my link and that was over a grand, so I received a high commission for the sale. It’s a good comeback and it’s like a dark cloud’s silver lining on what I thought was an already perishing coupon site. I felt a new hope sprouted inside me, and now I’m determined to work on that site again. Perhaps I should not concentrate too much on certain stuff, the more variety, the bigger the chance to get a sale. I’ll try to spare a few hours everyday for that project, and I’m hoping to see good results. So wish me luck.

perfect gift for Damien

January 22nd, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Mom and I are going to the mall next week, to purchase a washing machine. I’m also thinking of buying a gift for my godson Damien. Before, I bought him toys, but this time, I’d really like to buy him baby clothes, but I don’t know what size would fit him, since I haven’t really experienced shopping for baby clothes before. I would like to get him a cute outfit that he can wear when going to church on Sundays, or going out with his family.

Damien is a fair skinned baby boy, and any color fits him. He always look cute, most especially when he smiles. I really love that kid, because although we don’t spend much time playing together, whenever he visits us here in our house, he snuggles to me, like we’re really close and he’s comfortable with me. I also love hugging him because he’s so adorable and huggable. My mom and dad is also fond of him, so I’m sure they’re also excited to buy him a present.

which diet pills work

January 19th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

I think I’ve gain a lot of weight, but to my friends whom I haven’t seen for awhile, they say I’ve lost a lot of weight. They said that with the weight I had before, they never thought it was possible for me to lose this much weight, and look like a normal fit and healthy person that I am now. Sad to say, even my dad already gave up on me and said the same things that my friends told me. But I took all those as a challenge and worked hard to be fit and healthy.

Now, a lot of my friends have gained weight, and they keep asking me what’s my secret and which diet pills work for me. I don’t keep it to them that in fact, I used supplements to aid the process, and I also told them the supplements that I used. On the other hand, I also told them that it could differ from one person to another. What works for me, may not work for them, so it is still best to ask experts on which suits the person best, based on her weight, lifestyle, medical history, and budget.

get rid of belly fat

January 19th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

I went to a birthday party of my college friend, it was also some sort of a reunion party, since many of our college friends also attended the said event. When I got to the venue, which is her house, I saw a lot of unfamiliar faces, so I did not feel that comfortable at first. I said, perhaps those are her current friends and workmates. So I looked for the couch and just stayed there for awhile. I was looking around to check if any of our college friends were already there. But none of them, arrived yet. Then someone approached me and introduced herself as one of my friends, and I couldn’t quite recall who this person was. When she mentioned her name, I was so surprised, because she looked so different from before. It’s like she’s aged a lot, and she looked ten years older than her current age. She then started telling me about all her stresses in life, and gaining weight after having two kids, money issues, etc. It’s really sad how people can neglect their body and health due to life’s hardships. But even though she no longer looks familiar to me, I’m glad she made it to the event. She also asked me how to get rid of belly fat fast, because I told her that I also gained a lot of weight for a few years, but got back to my desired weight after putting a lot of effort into it. She said that it’s inspiring and she would also try to set a weight goal and achieve it. I also told her to loosen up, and have time to pamper herself, despite having kids, and having all her worries in life. She said, she’s glad she came, because all she really wanted was a friend to talk to, all these years.

free stuff from dad

January 19th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

It’s been awhile since my dad talked about going home to the province for a short visit. Perhaps it’s because he knows that he won’t be able to travel for long hours, especially because he would be riding public transport. I know that he want to go there, but for some reason I won’t be able to drive him there, or accompany him. He never let me go with him there, I actually haven’t seen his hometown yet. But that’s another story.
Anyway, a lot of people surely misses him there, especially his good old friends. They always have a small get together everytime my dad goes home. They also like it when dad goes home to the province because he’s giving them free cigars and other freebies and presents everytime he visits their place. But it’s been awhile now since the last time that my dad went to the province, because he hasn’t been feeling well, since he had a mild stroke. His friends and relatives call up sometimes to ask when he’s going there, or how he’s doing. I think dad better stay home though, because he easily gets dizzy, even during our short trips to the mall. Well, I’m just hoping for the best, and for dad to completely get well soon, so he can do the things he used to do.

getting rid of excess fat

January 18th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

My cousin said that if she had enough money, she would not think twice about undergoing liposuction, to permanently get rid of her unwanted excess flab on the sides. She used to have a sexy body before she got pregnant but she gained a lot of weight during and after giving birth even until now that her child is already 2 years old. She want to achieve fast results, but she doesn’t have much of a choice but to exercise and follow strict dieting, since she doesn’t have extra money to spare for the surgery.

A friend of hers, whose also been wanting to lose weight, told her to read lipofuze reviews, and to try the products, because it’s known for having the same effect without having to go under a surgery.

kitchen renovation ideas

January 15th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Yesterday my mom asked me if I already have the extra money I promised to give her to fund the kitchen renovation. She said that she would like to have our kitchen renovated as soon as possible, before the summer, because my aunt is planning to visit us, and it would be too dusty, if there will be an ongoing construction. My aunt has allergic rhinitis, and it won’t be good for her health, and we want to make her stay as comfortable as possible.

My mom also said that ever since we changed the arrangement of our dining area, she’s having a hard time moving around because of the limited space, not to mention that she also gained weight. One more thing is that, there will be no more available space for the two-door refrigerator that we are planning to buy before the end of the month.

I told her that we have to wait for a few more days for my check to be cleared, so we can withdraw the money from my account. I also told her that I’m thinking about buying a new kitchen sink, since the old one is too small and worn out, after so many years of usage. I think it’s about time to replace it since we are going to renovate the kitchen anyway.

I told mom that instead of just making an extension for our current kitchen, we can make use of the extra space at the back for our new kitchen, then have our washing and utility area next to it. Then we can make use of the old kitchen to extend our current dining area. It will surely cost me a few grands, but it will be worth it. It’s about time we make big changes, since they’re for our long term convenience anyway.

Maritime Law

January 12th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

One of the most in demand workers today are those who are hired to work for local and international shipping companies. Some are working offshore as engineers, seamen, or there are also those who are working land based, like those who are hired as dockers or longshoremen, harbor workers, and shipyard workers. Although they have different work responsibilities, both type of workers are entitled to their specific rights and benefits governed under the maritime law, in cases that they are injured or get sick while employed in a maritime-related job.

A Maritime Lawyer can help educate the individual or their families about those rights and benefits that are provided to employees who are covered by the maritime law. Those laws govern how much compensation the employees and their families can claim depending on which case the maritime laws apply. These claims may include money for medical bills, lost wages, living expenses such as utilities, food and transportation, and even mortgages, in case of the employee’s inability to work due to an injury suffered while in the line of duty, or while under the job contract.

There are still some employees who are not aware of this because they have a misconception that only those who are working offshore are entitled to the benefits and rights governed by the maritime law. So, for those who still have question in mind about legal matters, it is best to ask for professional help from your trusted maritime lawyers.

wrestling fanatic

January 10th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Lately I have noticed that my dad has been spending a lot of time watching mixed martial arts matches and playing UFC and wrestling inspired games. Sometimes he even stays up late at night just to do so. I know that he loves watching boxing matches because if Manny Pacquiao and other great Filipino boxers but I had no idea that he was also a wrestling fanatic. So one time, I asked him what he likes about this sport and he said that during his younger years, one of his wildest dreams was to become a professional wrestler. But when he was going up he realized that he’s far from becoming a wrestling champ because he was physically unfit and skinny. So when he git the chance to somehow realize his dream through gaming. He started playing and mastered every moves that the best fighters in the world are capable of. He is proud to say that virtually or in game he has finally become one of them. :P

bracelet gifts for mom

January 9th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Last month I talked about the gift I bought for my mom and dad which is the new 42 inch LCD TV and the home theater set. I know, that was pretty expensive, but I wanted to make her really happy. She wanted that for such a long time, same with my dad. It was my way of saying thank you to them, and at the same time, making my mom happy on Christmas and New Year. It was also an advanced gift for her birthday.
Personally, I would have wanted to give bracelet gifts for mom, but I’ll reserve that for the next special occasion, which is the mother’s day. Now, I only have to think of a good gift for my dad, because he will be jealous if I will only give mom a present. He’s like that. He always want to be included when it comes to gift giving. I find it funny and cute at the same time though.
It’s not everyday that I get to make them smile and happy like that. If only I could, I will give them everything that their heart desires. But as we all know, life is way too hard to live it all in luxury. We have more important things to save and spend money for. But for as long as I can afford it, I want to give them a little luxury from time to time, and my only way of spoiling them is buying them nice things, treating them out for dinner, or watching a movie. Next time, I also plan to go on a vacation with them to Boracay.

Happy Birthday Shela

January 9th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Talking about birthdays, today is also my college friend’s birthday. I went to the mall together with my mom to buy a gift. I wasn’t planning to go out or attend the party, but she sent me a short message saying that she would definitely feel bad if I won’t make it.
So, I’ve decided to go anyway. But, I need to buy a gift, and I have no idea what to give her. My mom said, perhaps a box of sexy lingerie would be great. But knowing my friend, who isn’t all that girlie, she would probably prefer something else. Maybe something that signified being tough.

Boxing gloves perhaps? Although I doubt it that she’s into that kind of sport. I was thinking of buying a new wallet, or a hoodie, but maybe my mom is right. I will buy her a new set of lingerie for a change. After all, moms know what’s best. Who knows? This might be the gift she really want to receive and she’s just afraid to tell or ask. Besides, it’s a special gift, and the least the celebrant expects it, the more surprised she will be.


January 9th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

Everyone was so busy eating and singing karaoke songs, having fun while celebrating my mom’s birthday. I was doing something else. I played with my cousin’s little baby who also happened to be my god daughter. We played until she fell asleep, and for some strange reason, I felt that we had this connection and she could understand every word I say. She’s just not able to talk back.

When it was time for them to go home, my god daughter really looked cute while her mom mounted her in the ergo baby carrier. She looked really sleepy but she held on to my finger really tight as if she was saying, she doesn’t want to leave our home yet. I took a few photos of me carrying her, and her solo pictures. I bet when I see her again, she’d be all grown up. I will show her the photographs of her very first visit to me.

I want to treasure this moment, when she’s all innocent and she’s visiting me for no hidden agendas yet, like coming over asking for a birthday or Christmas present when she’s much bigger. Although I also look forward to that, and I pray that she will grow up a pretty, happy, healthy, wise and loving girl, just like her ninang.

Mom’s Birthday

January 9th, 2011 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts - (0 Comments)

My cousin came over for my moms birthday, together with her mom, dad and the little baby. It was the first time after such a long time since we last saw each other. She once invited through the baby shower invitations, but I wasn’t able to make it to the actual event. She still had me listed as one of her baby’s sponsors though. It’s the first time that I’ve seen and carried my goddaughter. She is really cute and a well-behaved little angel.
She even slept on my bed, we had to carry her gently so she won’t wake up when it was time for them to go home.
I drove them to the nearby stop where they can ride a taxi home.
I hope I will see them again anytime soon. Probably on the baby’s next birthday, or my birthday, depending on their or my availability.