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March 15th, 2013 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts

My brother loves cars ever since he was a child and as he was growing up his love for the cars became an obsession. He started collecting from cheap toy cars to expensive ones in the market. His obsession doesn’t stop from collecting toy cars, when he graduated from university and started working in a corporate world, he got bored just sitting on his desk and he wanted to earn more out of his passion. He then challenged himself by having double job, one that require him to work out of his major and the second is out of his passion that he really enjoyed. He started a car wash and auto detailing shop that was set up in the abandoned garage of our neighbor where he was paying a small amount for the rent since they are a family friend of ours. His car wash business grew in a span of 1 year and he upgraded his business into an auto-repair shop. He also took an effort to be in the know of car world. He did self study and asked helped from his good friends who also shared the same interest. As his little sister I really admire him and we became proud of what he has become today. When he reached the 2nd year anniversary of his business, my parents bought him auto shop equipment including auto lifts because my brother doesn’t have enough equipment yet and we know that one of his priority is to buy auto lifts. We surprised him oh the eve of his anniversary, as he opened his shop he was surprised to see the new equipment he has including a new four post alignment lift.

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