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Spring break

February 18th, 2013 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts

Spring of last year my friend invited to me visit her boyfriend’s hometown and spent few days for vacation. The place was so calm and serene because all I saw was mountains, trees, and a lot of green scenery. Not to mention the cold breeze of the fresh air in the morning that is hard not to appreciate because it is far different from the city where I came from. It was a memorable spring break because we were given a chance to ride a horse. It was something I was scared of doing but because the family of my friend’s partner were so kind and convincing, It was really hard to say no so I gave it a try. The experience was so great because the one that was guiding us is a professional equestrian and became my crush that very same day. He then invited us to watch him on his tournament as he would compete with other professional equestrians. I was not fascinated by horses and equestrians until he invited us. When I saw him looking so professional because of his well fitted equestrian apparel with complete horse riding accessories. After that experience I decided to go back there next vacation and enroll myself in horse back riding with full equestrian gear with me.

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