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DIY Flooring Project

February 18th, 2013 | Posted by admin in Home Improvement

After graduating from college, I have bravely left my hometown to work in a different city where I know for sure would give me better opportunity than staying in a place where I grew up. It was really a leap of faith as I have to do many things of my firsts as an adult and being independent. First thing I did was to look for a comfortable yet affordable place to stay and luckily I was able to find a decent one with good price. Well compare to years back, prices of things were reachable compare to now that everything is expensive. The hard part of designing my little space was the floor, because I didn’t like the old-dirty-looking style of tiles in the whole bedroom. Part of me is an interior designer that is why I am particular in styling my own room and our house back home. Changing the flooring became my project the next day so I shopped and looked for some flooring options, from wooden to tiles and then I opted to go for carpet flooring in my room. I bought the individual precut squares that I can install myself. The fact that I can install it on my own challenged me and had convinced me to buy it. The quirky me bought different textures so my room would look fashionable too. The challenged began as I placed the colorful carpet squares, it was a hard job to do but it was worth it when it was done. My combined living and dining room is left with vinyl flooring that I am very well satisfied.

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