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Arizona dream

January 23rd, 2013 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts

My sister who is based in Phoenix, AZ will get married in the next few days to her German fiance and they decided to tie the knot in the city of Phoenix where they first met. This is my first time to visit Phoenix and while driving earlier I was in awe while watching the scenery of vast mountains of the beautiful city. Phoenix is known for its resorts, spas and golf courses like the one that we are currently staying in. We are going to help my sister in preparing for her big day. The weather in AZ is inviting to bed and all I wanted to do is tuck in the sheets and sleep. Good thing they have a good heating facility in the room to keep us warm all night and day. My sister and I were in bed and talking about the cold weather of the city and I shared how thankful I am to the heater otherwise I would die in the sheets. She shared that the Arizona heating repair service was her savior when her heater failed her one winter. Since she was new in town at that time and alone she has clueless of these things so she needed help of strangers in the neighborhood to ask where is the repairing service for her heater and one old man who looked like had lived long in the city suggested the best heating and cooling installation and repairing service in Arizona and he gave her the phone number. Before she freeze to death she called the number and just after asking her address, after an hour the rescuer came to save her from freezing. She said they got the complete job done in less than 3 hours, her home was clean when they were done. They did a great job and even made a follow up quality visit the following week. She was very impressed with the service and now that she’s moving into different home she already negotiated with the service crew that she wanted them to install both heating and cooling facilities in their new home. They were even kind enough to give her discount too because she mentioned that they are newly weds.

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