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Last summer

January 18th, 2013 | Posted by admin in Random Thoughts

I had my vacation at my Aunt’s place last summer in San Diego, CA and I didn’t have a hard time getting comfortable in her place. The house is cozy because it’s perfectly clean and the interior decoration is inviting for the guests. The best part of their place is their flooring. The house has complete types of flooring, from carpet to tiles, even vinyl flooring can be found in their home. My Uncle got fascinated in flooring stuff when he worked at Northport Flooring America and from then on what he learned from the company had inspired him to prettify his own home. Coming from a flooring company, he was the one who did the flooring installation at their home. My Aunt said most of the time he is the one who does the cleaning because he knows how to properly clean the carpets, tiles, and vinyl. I just know how to wipe the floor but broader way to clean the flooring is something that my Uncle knows that is why sometimes even their neighbors are asking him when it comes to flooring stuff. Since we have vinyl flooring at home too I asked my Uncle to teach me also so that I can share it with my Mom and Dad so that we won’t have to replace it often. He asked me to also visit their site at Northport Flooring America for thorough explanation about flooring. Well I’m not fond of it so I just shared it to my dad so he became aware and got informed too on where to buy flooring materials just in case he wants to replace what we have at home. Few days after when I came back from my University seminar, my dad surprised me a new carpeted flooring in my room which i absolutely love because the one that I had badly needs replacement. I did call my uncle and told him the news that someone might get hooked on flooring stuff.

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