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How to Get a Tan Without Getting Burned

April 2nd, 2012 | Posted by Cynth in For Cynth

I am gifted with a fair complexion and being fair has never been problem with me and most of the time I am quite happy with the skin I am in, but whenever I try to get a little bit tan, more often than not I just end up with a sunburn, so I just had to content myself with being fair. It never occurred to me that there are ways I can achieve the tan without going to the beach and spending hours sunbathing. I never imagined though that I can still get a tan without actually spending a lot of time under the sun! Ocean Tanning Solution gave me the opportunity to go tan without risking sunburn, the bronzer lets me be tan even for just a little while, and I love it! Who would have thought that tanning is possible for me with a fair skin that refuses to brown?

Now, whenever I feel like I want to go tan, I just spray on the bronzer and I can find myself all tanned up in just a few minutes. The effect looks so real that I look like I spent hours under the sun and my friends really don’t notice the difference, it looks so real!

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