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High quality nursing care

March 19th, 2012 | Posted by Cynth in For Cynth

My cousin is a nurse and I am always impressed with nurses and their spiffy white nurses uniforms. Whenever I see a nurse in uniform, I am awed by the thought of them nurses. I know how hard they work and what they do to help their patients. Although I am not saying that all nurses are perfect, it is a wonderful thought though that you know someone will care for you in the hospital should you get sick. It is not easy to be in a hospital and not feel well, so it is always makes you feel good when the nurse assigned to you is caring. I once asked why nurses wear white, and to answer my own query, I ventured a guess and you could probably say that it goes for the purity and nobility of the work they are in. Nurses are an important part of the medical team and they are essential for a medical team to work, whether it’s inside the operating room or in the wards, the hospital will not work properly without a caring nurse within their midst. My cousin has been working in the hospital for years now and I see her still continue to care deeply for her patients. I salute her and all the nurses who continually help their patients get well.

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