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When The Best Strategy Is To Move On

February 8th, 2012 | Posted by Cynth in For Cynth

I have been working for my company for over a year now. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I really want to trod on but it seems that my boss has a new agenda in his mind and I don’t know if I’m agreeing to how he’s now running the company.

I have helped him build this company from the ground up, being with him from the get go and it pains me now to see him questioning all my moves, previous moves to be exact. WE have a time management software we have been using for the last year as well and now he’s delving into each of my task and asking me to log everything that I have done for that particular task. And he’s now even gave me time estimates of each task…

Oh my goodness… I understand his need to get ‘strict’ so to speak , the company is fast becoming a premium service and he needs to step up his game. But to be meticulous in every task? To want to dribble everything… It is just so frustrating. I really am so sad that now he’s auditing every step I make, checking if I’m logging my time right and questioning each task he thinks is over timed? And to think the salary I’m getting is not that big. I was content with what he offered since he was lenient and I can control my own time but now he’s imposing so many restrictions I really am on the verge of resigning. I really am… If we haven’t gotten a new car (it’s on installment) so I really need the salary if not, I would have resigned straight away.

I’m confused that he’s targeted me. He questions my time spent working. He feels that I haven’t worked the time I logged on our software and just input time so he’s questioning every little thing now. Has he forgotten what I did for him? For the company? How many times have I done work without getting paid? How many times have I run errands for him and not logged my time. Now every nook and cranny of the work is being questioned! ARRGGGHHH!!!! I want to shout at him and say to h*** with you.. but I can’t I know for now I need him and I need my salary. But I’m on the lookout for a better one.. a better paying job where my smarts can be used. I can take the strictness, I can take the pressure but I want a higher salary, can you give it to me?

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