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Do you want to ride a white horse?

January 25th, 2012 | Posted by Cynth in For Cynth

My cousin loves horses, and the good thing is that horses love her as well. She has this unique talent of being able to befriend a horse almost at the first instance. There are only a few horses that don’t respond to her touch at once and these horses will eventually respond to her as well. We used to kid her that it was because she looks like a horse but of course she’s a beautiful young lady and we love her. She used to join equestrian competitions but she hurt her legs bad in one contest and now she just content herself with riding for pleasure and taking care and training horses, she can’t compete anymore, her injury prevents it. But I remember how I loved her equestrian clothes, those breeches and boots as well as those wonderfully cute equestrian helmets that always seem to make her look regal. Horses are great animals and I have great respect for them, I may not like to be around them nor any other animal for that matter, I never really liked pets you see, but I salute my cousin for continuing with her passion for horses despite the injury she got from riding them, her love for them really is amazing.

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