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Gibson Hummingbird

January 24th, 2012 | Posted by Cynth in For Cynth

My daughter loves music. She loves to play instruments and sing as well. She has recently taken on playing Lire but loved to play the guitar, her dad taught her and at a young age, she has learned well. One time, she has come across a Gibson Hummingbird, promptly fell in love with it and wants one for herself. It is really a great guitar and the sound coming from it was wonderful, it seems like it will never go out of tune. Yes, this guitar is expensive and some people think that this is a luxurious buy. Perhaps at one point it is, but owning a guitar that has the quality, style and sound of this acoustic guitar is really a great buy, no matter how expensive it might be. The family has a great time listening to my daughter play her favorite tunes on the guitar while we sing along with it. Yes, the guitar was an expensive buy but listening to my daughter play and seeing the wonder in her eyes every time she strums those strings, I really believe that it was worth every penny, that wonderful gleam in her eyes is priceless. I think it helped in developing her love for music and for one, I am glad that I bought her that piece.

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