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Ape Wants Cake?!

May 24th, 2011 | Posted by Cynth in For Cynth

funny pictures funny create funny pictures cake ape  Ape Wants Cake?! pictureCan you really imagine an ape wanting to eat cake? Well, this is what this picture seems to be saying, isn’t it funny? Indeed it is and there’s more where that came from. Do you want to create funny pictures like this one and make your friends laugh, or even just smile a little? Then you will be glad to note that there are many online photo effects website that you can easily access online for free if you are in the mood to make your friends laugh or even just a cute photo to upload to your Facebook profile. It is indeed fun to make funny photos but you can also make more “serious” photographs if you want to, there are plenty of layouts to choose from. There is no limits to your imagination and the good thing is, it is easy to do as well, all you need to do is pick a layout you like and upload a photo and you’re all set. Making my friends laugh makes me quite happy indeed and having a little help online is one great way to fulfill this task. Just like the ape wanting some cake or a picture of me on a billboard, I can make my friends curve their lips up even for just a little while.

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