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Smile :)

May 15th, 2011 | Posted by Cynth in For Cynth

I was always a happy person, always ready to put on a smile for anyone who greets me. I try not to let my anger with one person or my own worries affect how I treat others who have done nothing wrong. Is it really hard to expect that from other people?

I know you might be upset or you might be feeling low, but it might be nice to return a smile or two don’t you think? It might even make you feel a little better if you learn to smile amidst all your troubles, as the song goes…”smile though your heart is aching, smile even though its breaking…”

smile  Smile :) picture
Now, see? Isn’t that better? I know you feel lighter now that you’re smiling, I know you feel better already. Keep smiling and you’ll soon find a better place to be in rather than where you were, all frowning and worried. I know it’s hard to smile when you’re blue, but try, just try and you’ll see, you’ll get better at it and you’ll see your troubles and worries in a whole new different perspective and might even find a solution in the end….so, SMILE! :)

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