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A Good Day For A Birthday

April 10th, 2011 | Posted by Cynth in For Cynth

Yesterday marked my son’s 6th birthday, it wasn’t a ‘milestone’ so we really didn’t have a big celebration but of course we did celebrate. We had the usual party foods, spaghetti, chicken, cake and ice cream. My sister in law brought some pancit malabon and my hubby also cooked Kare-kare (Beef in peanut sauce), it was great! We had fun and most importantly my son had fun.

The day started with a slow drizzling rain and I said to myself that the day started with a blessing for my son, so I believe that this year will be great for him. He is set to start grade 1 this year, although should he pass his UPIS exam, he will be returning to preparatory level, which is okay since he is a year ahead should he start grade one. I know God has a good plan for him and I’m happy about that.

My only wish is for him to stay healthy as he’s been a bit sickly the past years, just bouncing back last year with little sickness and I hope that his health continue to move on up. He’s a smart boy and he always seem to manage to make me smile and he’s really his mommy’s boy since he’s very affectionate just like me and I’m really in love with this little fellow.

Well for my son, perhaps one day you’ll get to read this…. I love you very much and I will do anything for you. I pray that you will grow up to be a good boy, making your mom and dad even more proud. Keep up the good work son and looking at you always makes me feel like I did something right in this world to have a wonderful son like you.

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