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iPad for Geek Dad

November 1st, 2010 | Posted by admin in Computer

ipad warranty ipad christmas gift for dad christmas cheap ipad  iPad for Geek Dad pictureLately, I’ve been thinking about what perfect gift I am going to buy for my dad this Christmas. Even if he is already a senior citizen, he is the type who is fond of cool gadgets. He likes High-end fones, laptop with powerful features and LED TV and hardcore gaming consoles. Yes, my dad is cool! So if ever I buy something for him, it should be a useful and at the same time high-tech gadgets. He already has other gadgets except for tablet pc.

When iPad was first launched, he wanted to purchase one right away but I told him to wait for the price to go down. Perhaps now is the right time to grant his wish. He would definitely be delighted! I can almost imagine the expression on his face the moment he opens his Christmas present.

I try to find store that sells iPad for less and if I’ll be lucky enough to find a coupon then I could save a lot from the purchase. But I want to make sure that it comes with free shipping and iPad warranty.

If dad will have his iPad, he would no longer complain about his back hurting because he can move around the house and still be able to use it. He can even watch his favorite movie while he is lying down.

I just hope my mom won’t ask me to buy her an iPad too! :P

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