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FREE downloadable CAD drawings

September 30th, 2009 | Posted by jeanjean in Things That Matters

If you need fastening devices to hold objects together and to avoid it from being disconnected then you need clamps. Clamp or industrial clamp is a device used for clutching objects securely. Reid Supply Company was established since 1948 to provide customers with quality clamps and­ other industrial devices. They have the widest selection of industrial clamps such as 3-way edge clamps, band clamps, bar, piper and L clamps, C-clamps, Cam-action edge clamps, spring clamps, and plier clamps. Reid Supply’s whole product line is divided into 12 categories for all your industrial needs like Manual Controls, Clamps & Workholding, Tooling Components, Fasteners and Hardware, Leveling Devices and Vibration Control, Material Handling, Bearing and Power Transmission, Metalworking, MRO, Pneumatics and Hydraulics, Structural Systems and Safety. Checkout out for a FREE downloadable CAD drawings.

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