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the agony of waiting

February 6th, 2009 | Posted by dailytrends101 in Internet | Rants | Upclose & Personal

The long wait is over! At last! After so many hours of waiting, finally I’ve got the chance to talk to a customer agent of SMART Bro. I told them that I can’t browse but I can use Digsby messenger and windows live writer. I was thinking that maybe the DSL antenna could be a problem. Maybe it needs re-aligning or maybe they need to replace it since I am not getting the expected internet speed that I paid for. I subscribed for 384kbps but I am only getting not even the half of its advertised internet speed. I know what “UPTO 384kbps” was supposed to mean but imagine most of the time I am only getting 60kbps to 96kbps! It sucks you know! Oops… don’t worry I didn’t say that word to the customer agent that I have talked to. :P

The agent said that they were having problems with their base station in my area but they were fixing it. So what should I do? He said to just monitor the internet connection and wait within 24 hours… blahhhh… blahhhhh blahhhhh…. whatever!

It was so frustrating coz I’ve heard that word again….. “WAIT”

Oh well….. As if I have any choice!

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