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missing my friends

January 31st, 2009 | Posted by dailytrends101 in Things That Matters

missing you i missed you  missing my friends pictureI really missed the fun that I had with my friends when I was in college. Lately I’ve been reading some of my friends’ blogs that I’ve met here in the blogosphere and upon reading it, somehow I felt jealous because all my college friends were busy right now. Some of them are already out of the country. I got the chance to talk with them in yahoo messenger and they said that they also missed our night trips and gimmicks. They were also planning a reunion maybe before the end of this year because that’s their only time and they would  be coming back here in the Philippines for vacation. I am so excited! Some of them already get married with their boyfriends… and I was surprised coz I was the last person to know about it! But I can’t blame my friend Tina and Bert if I didn’t get informed because Tina said that she was trying to call me last year thru my celfone and it was always off. Sheeesshh!! Oh well… what matters is that I know my friend is really happy right now. I missed you guys… See yah!

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