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How I started blogging

January 23rd, 2009 | Posted by dailytrends101 in Personal

blog  How I started blogging pictureI was in college when I started blogging . Before, blogging for me was just for fun. I just wanted a little space here on the cyberspace so I could write some of my unforgettable memories in my life. Then one day I became so depressed due to my failing relationshιp. At that time I have no friends to talk to since they were all busy with their own personal lives. So I’ve decided to just write anything that was on my mιnd just to let it out and somehow it helped me to loosen up. My blog became my outlet and a shockabsorber too.

At first, almost all of my entries were just ranting and whining. Then I’ve noticed that my blog was being read by other bloggers too because some started to leave their comments. It is really true that you can never please everybody because some have left their comments telling me that they got pissed because they said that I was too emotional… That didn’t stop me. Instead it helped me to adjust my patience for I used to get easily agitated and upset when  someone was criticizing me. Good or bad comment is still a comment and that means someone bothered to read my blog. I was a bit skeptical if they were really got pissed. They told me that they got pissed of my ranting and blabbing but they kept on coming back to read some more. Some even bothered to read at the very first entry that I’ve written. Why would they come back if they don’t like it? Were they just being stupid for wasting their time being around here?

Until one day, someone confided thru comment that she was also experiencing the same situation that I have. It made me realιze that most probably some of them could relate to my story. Then I began to reach out to those people who left negative comments thru email. I’ve asked them why they reacted negatively. Then I found out that it so happened that those people were also experiencing what I was going through or used to be in that situation but the difference was they already managed to moved on. They reacted that way because it reminded them of all the unpleasant feelings that they used to have.

Months have passed and more people started to comment in my entries and some also gave personal opinion and advice. That situation made me feel that I was never alone… that some people are willing to listen even they didn’t know me at all and because of that I’ve gained a lot of friends. Another month passed by and each day I felt that I was feeling much better. I could say that blogging helped me a lot to overcome my depression. It also helped me to moved on with my past relationshιp.

Then I’ve decided to start socializing by reading other person’s blog too. While I was reading one of my friend’s blog, I found out that he was able to get paid to post about certain topics or to write an honest review of a certain product. Of course I’ve got interested because at that time I was sick and I really need money for the operation. So without any hesitation, even we’re not yet that close, I approached him and asked if he could teach me how I can get paid to blog. Then he taught me everything that I need to know. I’ve tried reading some articles too and tutorials. I also found out that advertisers are using blog marketing as a means of advertising their product. Isn’t it nice to earn extra income by giving honest opinion to certain topics that you are interested in? So after a month I’ve tried to register this blog and I was lucky I got approved and that was how I started to make money thru blogging.

I also noticed that those reviews that I’ve posted helped me gained more visitors. Most of the readers in this blog came thru search engines. Those search engines like Google and Yahoo were crawling websites and weblogs like this and when someone typed keywords or phrases, these search engines will retrieve articles or entries that are related to the searched words and phrases according to relevancy. The more relevant your articles to the searched keyword and phrases, the more its most likely to be shown in those searched engines.

Each blogger has their own reason why they started to blog. How about you? What’s your story?

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2 Responses

  • Cindyrella says:

    actually nagsimula ako mag blog dahil nakakapagod nang magsulat sa papel ng mga saloobin mo. kaya heto mas madali kasi mag type.. gusto kong mag type ng story. lahat tayo may kanya kanyang story at minsan ang mga tao sa net lang ang makakaintindi sayo. kaya heto ako ngayon, enjoy na enjoy sa pagblo blog!

  • JeanGrey says:

    isa pang reason yun… mas madali nga magtype kesa magsulat… and dati kasi nabasa ng mother ko ang diary ko kaya mejo nakakahiya.. at least dito ok lang kahit sino makabasa wag lang ang parents :P