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NPA no more!

October 18th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Music Videos | Personal

Whew… I’m back after 2 days of signing off… at last…

2 days ago was really depressing… My allotted bandwidth for this month got exceeded and my immediate solution was to go back to

Pero naisip ko paano na ang mga PPPs… windang ako maghapon… especially when I received a notice from that they’ve found a link error from their automated checker. My submitted entries were all missing… :( I immediately wrote an email to inform them what happened to my blog. Pa’no na to… :( nakakaasar sobra… pero wala naman akong magawa… I have two options in my mind… it’s either wait ’til next month para marefresh ulit ang bandwidth ko or to upgrade my webhosting plan… of course I can’t afford to pay PHP200 or more a month for the webhosting service… purita ako e… and kung may pambayad man ako… siguradong iiral ang pagka-kuripot ko… or let’s say hindi naman talagang kuripot… mahirap lang sakin na magbitaw ng pera since mahirap ang buhay ngayon and for me every centavo counts…

So I’ve decided to call for reinforcement… The good thing is that Page.PH is offering a free or discounted web hosting services to selected websites and I’m so lucky that my request for site sponsorship was immediately granted.

Thank you so much Page.PH God bless and more power to your webhosting company! :D

To those who would like to avail for a free sponsorship, just visit their website at http://Page.PH and apply for a free site sponsorship. And to those who can afford to pay for a webhosting plan… LOL magbayad na lang kayo! ;) It’s your choice… very affordable ang webhosting package ng

And to those who would like to have their own Domain name (e.g. then register your own domain at for only PHP500/year. San ka pa?? :lol:


WAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! yung ibang posts ko nawawala! :( sayang naman din yung mga nagoffer ng sincere hugs sakin dun sa previous post ko… wala na kong magagawa wala akong backup copy… and now I’ve learned a lesson… always make a backup copy after each post… and always create a backup copy of your database… wag nyo kong gayahin… di bale nasa memory ko naman na forever yung mga taong nag offer ng hugzz… or hugs nyo na lang ako ulit! LOL abusada ba… sensya na tao lang po…


NPA – No Permanent Address

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