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Hola Madrid!

October 18th, 2007 | Posted by JeanGrey in Things That Matters

I admit, I love Spain. It is one of my favorite vacation spots in Europe.

My family and I have traveled by car from Germany through France to reach Spain. We stayed for a night in Barcelona, before reaching our destination, the wonderful seaside area of Costa Brava. But you know what, I was a bit disappointed for I really wanted to go to Madrid!

Travel  Hola Madrid! picture


I have secretly checked the possible Madrid accommodations. I was even happy to note that I would have no difficulty with the language as they even provide the information in different languages! And so I contented myself with listing down the kid-friendly hotels, just in case.

Travel  Hola Madrid! picture

hotels in Madrid

But of course, I really wanted to visit the famous Golden Triangle of Art in Madrid: The Prado Museum, The Thyssen-Bornemisza, and The Reina Sofa National Art Centre. Maybe I would have to ask my husband to go there for our second honeymoon, but it should be very soon! Meantime, I would keep myself busy by checking the best possible honeymoon hotels in Madrid.

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