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I believe in the saying that everything happens for a reason. I witness it to one friend who is a music maniac and his ability to create good music made him popular in his town. I met him 10 years ago during one music event happening in their town when I paid a visit to visit the festival happening there. The moment he performed on stage I became a fan after. His only using a tambourine and he created a good sound and rhythm on playing it. I found it very creative. My friend is his good friend and I was luckily introduced to him after. We had drinks and couldn’t help to beam in amusement on how appreciative I am on his performance. What made me amuse is because his blind. He told me that the Tambourine became his life. It was just a gift to him by his grandfather when he was a child. He then didn’t know about music but it became his toy and played with it everyday until he discovered his ability to create good music and later on he was engaged in other musical instruments but of course tambourine is still his forte. He has collection of it given to him by fans and close friends. According to him if not because of the tambourine he wouldn’t be on his place right now despite his inability to see. I’m proud of what he is right now and soon he’s opening a workshop for kids who love to play musical instruments.


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Adulthood means serious business where most of our thoughts are focus on career, and future fantasies. We adults, seldom have down time where we can relax our mind and be away from stress. One good read I found online is the power of daydreaming. I find myself doing this when I’m on commute on the way to work and staring blankly in the window of the public transport. As I have read the article it helps me to have a deeper understanding of the importance of daydreaming. It gives our brain the power of to be creative because we let ourselves to lure in imagination. Being imaginative will help us turn the vision in our mind to be in reality. The effect helps us to be motivated and goal oriented. It mentioned there that everyone of us is capable of daydreaming but we have to make sure to focus on practical dreaming that fanciful dreaming. It is better to think practically than wishful thinking. Daydreaming is like waking up our inner creative senses where we think the unthinkable. It is a good exercise as well to our brain. So daydream often and when you wake up your senses let your body act and let your imagination come true.

cheap yard signs

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Summer is the most loved season by many including myself. This is the time of the season where I would always throw myself into the wilderness of the beach waves and park myself in the soft beads of the sand with one good book in hand. One summer, I organized a get together with my close friends and went to this island where none of us have seen yet nor knows where this beautiful place is. We hit the road with few information on how to get there and I just leave it all to the signage on the road and highways that will help us get to where we want to be. After 2 hours of stop overs and road tripping we still couldn’t find the right direction. We asked strangers down the road but none of them was helpful and others have lead us into maze. The supposed to be 3 hour drive became 6 hours because we were totally lost. It took us another 1 hour to reach the paradise and we were thankful to this one guy who had joined us in the van and instructed us to the right direction. I just wondered why is it in the modern age that we have there are still places that don’t have enough signs where there are cheap yard signs that can be found nowadays here and there. The trip would have been shorter if there were enough yard signs in that town. To my dismay I contacted the owner of the beach club and complain about the experience we had and I even came to the point of suggesting cheap yard signs makers that I know that they contact so that it would e easier to find their place and made them realize that it is also a good promotion/ advertisement of the beach club.

Treat your customer

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Treat your customer book is an insightful book that is helpful for every kind of company. Whether you have your own business, a frontline employee, or you are in the field of customer service, this book is definitely practical to read. The book is both inspiring and educational. The guidelines on how to treat your customers are well written from a writer named Bob Miglani, who learned a lot from working in their Dairy Queen business. He wrote thirty lessons on service and sales that are concise, clear, and easy to remember. One lesson that I want to share is the number one on his list which is “They are not just customers, They are people”. Being in the customer service field for more than 6 years now, I have encountered all types of customers and oftentimes I only treat them as customers. Sometimes I have the mentality that I only serve them because it is my job not realizing that I only put myself in the pressure of work. Bob pointed out that the customers are more than just consumers who drives revenues in the business. They are people with feelings. We need not to put labels to them as client or consumer instead we have to treat them like how we are to a family, neighbor, or a friend. From there, good relationship to the customer will build up and it will create good service. Treat them well and it will lead to a good business.


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My brother loves cars ever since he was a child and as he was growing up his love for the cars became an obsession. He started collecting from cheap toy cars to expensive ones in the market. His obsession doesn’t stop from collecting toy cars, when he graduated from university and started working in a corporate world, he got bored just sitting on his desk and he wanted to earn more out of his passion. He then challenged himself by having double job, one that require him to work out of his major and the second is out of his passion that he really enjoyed. He started a car wash and auto detailing shop that was set up in the abandoned garage of our neighbor where he was paying a small amount for the rent since they are a family friend of ours. His car wash business grew in a span of 1 year and he upgraded his business into an auto-repair shop. He also took an effort to be in the know of car world. He did self study and asked helped from his good friends who also shared the same interest. As his little sister I really admire him and we became proud of what he has become today. When he reached the 2nd year anniversary of his business, my parents bought him auto shop equipment including auto lifts because my brother doesn’t have enough equipment yet and we know that one of his priority is to buy auto lifts. We surprised him oh the eve of his anniversary, as he opened his shop he was surprised to see the new equipment he has including a new four post alignment lift.

The Art Of Living

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The wisdom of growing up is you are bound to a realization of things that matters the most in life. It is true that learning is a never ending process. Learning doesn’t stop when you close your book or get out of school. We learn every single day and it won’t stop even if we get older. We are adults who learn to be wiser because we learned from the mistake of our early days. We learn that living is far different from existing. How do we really differentiate those two? It is given that we people really exist in this world but we tend to forget that we have a gift to know how to live. Existing just means you are letting whatever things come or happen to you. It is about just going with the flow of life without knowing how long the flow would be. But the art of living is knowing what you want in life and who you want to be. It is about doing things that you want with passion. When you live, you let your hearts desire to reach your goals and dreams in life. As we grow older we then realized that it is easier to live than to only exist.

My dream house

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I dreamed of having a rest house in a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A place where it has a spacious garden full of colorful flowers with bermuda grass that I can sit on anytime. I want to have a relaxing spot in my dream house and place where there are few water fountains outside that will become the relaxing spot of my place where I will place a native coffee table in a perfect spot. The sound of water free falling is soothing in the ear that is for sure will have a calming effect. I came up with this ambitious idea when I pass by a store full of garden furnitures. When you are living in the city, you will be appreciative of these small things so visiting this kind of store is like visiting a museum where you will look at each item as a masterpiece. As I was examining the store, there was a beautifully designed water fountain that is carved with beautiful angels in the middle of the store that really caught my attention and not only the beauty that captures me but the relaxing feeling I felt when I was walking in the store. That is when the time I appreciate the water fountains and came to my dream of putting few in my dream place.


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Acceptance is such a big component of happiness. It draws us into peace of mind as we learn to accept that oftentimes things are beyond our control and the only way to do is accept the things that we can’t control in order for us to move forward. When we allow acceptance into our lives, we are letting go of the heavy burden that keeps us from moving on. It is having an agreement with yourself that you accept things because you know deep within that things will be better. Acceptance is not a sign of weakness instead it is a strength as you are understanding that the things happen for a reason and you are activating faith on yourself that one day the thing that you want most will be on your favor.

Coin collector

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Last summer I visited my grandmother because it’s been a long time that she haven’t heard from me since we moved to our new house. The moment I came to hug my grandma, I felt nostalgic because I remember my childhood days on how special and good she treated me. She used to spoil me and let me play as long as I want in her backyard unlike my parents who were very disciplined and strict. One thing I won’t forget on my memories with her as a child was the time I gave them different silver coins that I got from my relatives and parents of my friends who loves to travel in different countries. My grandmother loves to collect silver and gold coins and have shown me her boxes of collection and I saw how happy she is whenever she cleans her small space full of her coin collection. Since I love her and want her to be happy whenever we visit her I always hand her the silver coins and she would happily accept it even though it’s not really part of her collection. And now even I’m grown up already and have traveled in different countries I always thought of her and sent her coins that would pass on her collection. My last visit with my grandmother, she told me that when she’s gone on this world, she would only pass it to me and no one else because according to her I am now expert on searching the right coins for collection.

When we are a child when our playmates hurt us and say sorry after, we easily give forgiveness. As we grow up, we realized that forgiveness is something not easy to give as we qualify the worth of giving forgiveness to others. We based now on the weight of the situation, on how deep or light the pain is or mostly if the person is worth of your forgiveness. Oftentimes we don’t also easily forgive ourselves that is why many of us are having a hard time moving on and letting go of the past because we put blame on ourselves and self pity instead of giving forgiveness to ourselves so that we can have a fresh start. As they say forgiveness won’t change the past but it does create an impact on your future. Even it is not easy to give forgiveness, we should still learn on giving them because it is about letting go of the anger, anguish, and grief in your heart and from there you will learn to forgive without even hearing the word sorry.

Spring break

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Spring of last year my friend invited to me visit her boyfriend’s hometown and spent few days for vacation. The place was so calm and serene because all I saw was mountains, trees, and a lot of green scenery. Not to mention the cold breeze of the fresh air in the morning that is hard not to appreciate because it is far different from the city where I came from. It was a memorable spring break because we were given a chance to ride a horse. It was something I was scared of doing but because the family of my friend’s partner were so kind and convincing, It was really hard to say no so I gave it a try. The experience was so great because the one that was guiding us is a professional equestrian and became my crush that very same day. He then invited us to watch him on his tournament as he would compete with other professional equestrians. I was not fascinated by horses and equestrians until he invited us. When I saw him looking so professional because of his well fitted equestrian apparel with complete horse riding accessories. After that experience I decided to go back there next vacation and enroll myself in horse back riding with full equestrian gear with me.

The Secret

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I am fond of reading life lessons books and anything about positivity. I read these kind of books because I want something that would remind me to be positive and calm despite the negative impact of the surrounding. When I was in a low point of my life my friends who cared about me advised me to read the book THE SECRET. I was clueless back then that it was a hit when it was published. The Secret tells the readers that everything is possible and noting is impossible as long as you believe in it by thoughts and by heart. They say that it is a Law of Attraction. This book until now is helping to focus and think only on what I really want and to only think good thoughts to attract good things in life. It is helping me to eliminate the negative thoughts as much as possible. Books like this one will make you realize about exerting more effort on thinking positive thoughts and lately you will realize how powerful our mind can be. That miracles will happen and it will start within ourselves because of the positive perspective that we have envision in our mind.

DIY Flooring Project

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After graduating from college, I have bravely left my hometown to work in a different city where I know for sure would give me better opportunity than staying in a place where I grew up. It was really a leap of faith as I have to do many things of my firsts as an adult and being independent. First thing I did was to look for a comfortable yet affordable place to stay and luckily I was able to find a decent one with good price. Well compare to years back, prices of things were reachable compare to now that everything is expensive. The hard part of designing my little space was the floor, because I didn’t like the old-dirty-looking style of tiles in the whole bedroom. Part of me is an interior designer that is why I am particular in styling my own room and our house back home. Changing the flooring became my project the next day so I shopped and looked for some flooring options, from wooden to tiles and then I opted to go for carpet flooring in my room. I bought the individual precut squares that I can install myself. The fact that I can install it on my own challenged me and had convinced me to buy it. The quirky me bought different textures so my room would look fashionable too. The challenged began as I placed the colorful carpet squares, it was a hard job to do but it was worth it when it was done. My combined living and dining room is left with vinyl flooring that I am very well satisfied.

Tuesdays with Morrie

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Tuesdays with Morrie is one of my favorite books that I have read so far. It is a must read book as it will awaken your mind into realization of lessons about life. As a reader I felt emotional while reading this book. It was ranging from happiness to sadness, and more than likely, tears from realization had pour down from my eyes until the end. The content of the book tackles about different topics about life which includes death, love, culture, marriage, regret and the world we live in. What I love about this book is that it makes the reader think about their own life and ponder aging, forgiveness, family, compassion, love, and mentors in life, just as Mitch Albom, the writer, did during his meeting with his college professor, Morrie. Reading the book made me feel inspired and helped me to focus on what are the things that really matters in my life, as what Morrie told Mitch “So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they’re busy doing things they think are important. This is because they’re chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” ― Mitch Albom, Tuesdays With Morrie

Arizona dream

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My sister who is based in Phoenix, AZ will get married in the next few days to her German fiance and they decided to tie the knot in the city of Phoenix where they first met. This is my first time to visit Phoenix and while driving earlier I was in awe while watching the scenery of vast mountains of the beautiful city. Phoenix is known for its resorts, spas and golf courses like the one that we are currently staying in. We are going to help my sister in preparing for her big day. The weather in AZ is inviting to bed and all I wanted to do is tuck in the sheets and sleep. Good thing they have a good heating facility in the room to keep us warm all night and day. My sister and I were in bed and talking about the cold weather of the city and I shared how thankful I am to the heater otherwise I would die in the sheets. She shared that the Arizona heating repair service was her savior when her heater failed her one winter. Since she was new in town at that time and alone she has clueless of these things so she needed help of strangers in the neighborhood to ask where is the repairing service for her heater and one old man who looked like had lived long in the city suggested the best heating and cooling installation and repairing service in Arizona and he gave her the phone number. Before she freeze to death she called the number and just after asking her address, after an hour the rescuer came to save her from freezing. She said they got the complete job done in less than 3 hours, her home was clean when they were done. They did a great job and even made a follow up quality visit the following week. She was very impressed with the service and now that she’s moving into different home she already negotiated with the service crew that she wanted them to install both heating and cooling facilities in their new home. They were even kind enough to give her discount too because she mentioned that they are newly weds.

Moving on

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Moving on from something saddening and devastating that happened in your life is the best feeling and accomplishment for yourself. It means that you are mature enough to let go of all the excess baggage that are worthless in your life. Moving on gives you the courage and strength to be alone. Most people holding on too much on something because they are full of fear of being alone. When you surpass on the negative vibe in your life it is like you are becoming a magnet of positivity. It helps you feel renewed and feeling a better you. It is like opening a new possibilities in your life because you have learned to let go of the thing that is no longer working in your life. It helps you to be a better person because you learn from the mistake of your past. It may be hard on the process but one should have a strong faith and think that at the end of the hardship it will be great feeling because you finally moved on and choose to be on the happy side.

Shisha party

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Last night party at the Annie’s crib was a blast as everyone enjoyed her shisha party. Her brother came home for her birthday all the way from Middle East and brought home 6 different types of shisha that he hoarded in a shisha shop because he got in on sale since the shopping festival is currently happening that is why all the malls and shops are on sale. Her brother bought it to add on his own bar at their hometown. Since it’s her sister birthday, he set it up for a shisha party. It was a complete package because he bought it with shisha pipe and shisha tobacco that comes with different flavors for us try like fruit, mint, and tropical flavours. Even the design of shisha is beautifully designed too and you won’t even tell that those were bought on sale.

The Power of Positive Thinking

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Optimism is a powerful behavior that can have a great impact in your life in a very good way. For some it is a struggle and being pessimistic is much easier to feel and think but the truth is we don’t realize that the amount of effort is the same so why not opted to stay positive and be happy than choose to be negative and be miserable. One preacher said that if we don’t have anything good to say then be quiet. According to him, if we think of negative thoughts just stay quiet and don’t verbalize it as it will attract negativity in your life and the bad thoughts that we both think and say will turn into a reality because that is what we believe in. So rather choose to say good and be positive by thinking good thoughts in order for us to attract the universe with positive results.

Last summer

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I had my vacation at my Aunt’s place last summer in San Diego, CA and I didn’t have a hard time getting comfortable in her place. The house is cozy because it’s perfectly clean and the interior decoration is inviting for the guests. The best part of their place is their flooring. The house has complete types of flooring, from carpet to tiles, even vinyl flooring can be found in their home. My Uncle got fascinated in flooring stuff when he worked at Northport Flooring America and from then on what he learned from the company had inspired him to prettify his own home. Coming from a flooring company, he was the one who did the flooring installation at their home. My Aunt said most of the time he is the one who does the cleaning because he knows how to properly clean the carpets, tiles, and vinyl. I just know how to wipe the floor but broader way to clean the flooring is something that my Uncle knows that is why sometimes even their neighbors are asking him when it comes to flooring stuff. Since we have vinyl flooring at home too I asked my Uncle to teach me also so that I can share it with my Mom and Dad so that we won’t have to replace it often. He asked me to also visit their site at Northport Flooring America for thorough explanation about flooring. Well I’m not fond of it so I just shared it to my dad so he became aware and got informed too on where to buy flooring materials just in case he wants to replace what we have at home. Few days after when I came back from my University seminar, my dad surprised me a new carpeted flooring in my room which i absolutely love because the one that I had badly needs replacement. I did call my uncle and told him the news that someone might get hooked on flooring stuff.

Dealing with difficult people

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Working in a customer service field, patience of a person will be surely tested. One should acquire a long thread of patience and understanding especially when dealing with different types of customer. Sometimes even out of work we are also dealing with customer-like in our everyday lives. Thinking rationally is also important as you have to reason out on what you think is right for the situation. Difficult people are everywhere and you will know yourself better once you encounter them in your life. If you are a person who doesn’t want conflict or be involved in a stressful argument, dealing with difficult people can be easy for you. You can cope up with them by saying what you feel towards them but also give yourself a chance to know why they are being difficult. If you think you can do something to change his/her attitude then do so but don’t fret yourself if they don’t change. What’s important is you take action towards someone’s attitude and if things don’t change then you have all the right to walk away and ignore them. Let yourself be surrounded with the people who makes you happy. Others are just a challenge to you and it is okay not to keep them in your life.